16 Sandalwood essential oil benefits and uses

We all know that sandalwood is a frequent fragrance in perfumes but have you ever wondered where it comes from? It comes from sandalwood essential oil, which is extracted from the wood through steam distillation. The older the tree, the better the oil. So much for technology. What’s more important is that aside from being fragrant, sandalwood essential oil also has a number of beneficial properties that earn it a well deserved place in the routine of any natural beauty enthusiast. Here are some of the wonderful sandalwood essential oil benefits and uses.

1. Antibacterial

Sandalwood essential oil has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties, which means that it can be used as a remedy for infections. It is particularly helpful with bronchitis and other lung infections, and also relieves sore throat.

2. Anti-scar 

Sandalwood essential oil can smooth out fine lines on the face, if used regularly, and it can even dull scars and treat rushes, sunburn and eczema. It does need to be used regularly, however, which is not so difficult, given that when applied to the skin it doesn’t give in a greasy look, which makes it suitable for every season. How to use it? Dilute a couple of drops of sandalwood essential oil with carrier oil (such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil) and apply directly to the affected area.

3. Massage 

Its characteristic aroma makes sandalwood essential oil a great choice for a massage oil. It can simply be added – a couple of drops – to a regular massage oil to make it more fragrant and also lend it its calming, relaxing effect.

4. Aromatherapy

Thanks to its wonderful relaxation effect, sandalwood essential oil is also one of the best if you want an anti-stress aromatherapy treatment. Its exotic, woody fragrance combines with its soothing properties for the best results. You can also add it to a bubble bath or steam-inhale it.

5. Itchiness relief 

Another one of wonderful sandalwood essential oil benefits is that it can relief itchiness. There is a veritable host of skin conditions that feature itchiness. Sandalwood has a beneficial effect on this itchiness, helping with ailments, ranging from dry skin to psoriasis. Sandalwood essential oil can also help with getting rid of dandruff too.

6. Preparing homemade oils

If you decide to make your own herbal treatments using fresh herbs soaked in plant-based oils, you can add a few drops of sandalwood essential oil to the mixture to make it more durable – this oil is a strong fixative. It has a similar effect in perfumes, highlighting the notes that need highlighting.

7. Internal benefits

A few drops of sandalwood essential oil added to a glass of water can bring down your blood pressure, and they can also help reduce the buildup of bad cholesterol in the body. A further benefit of sandalwood oil is keeping your muscles in good working condition by causing them to contract and then relax.

8. Aphrodisiac

A lot of oils and other substances have been considered to aid physical arousal in the course of human history. With sandalwood essential oil this effect is most likely linked to its calming, soothing effect on the mind and body. Plus, of course there’s the sweet, woody fragrance.

9.  Diuretic

Another one of great sandalwood essential oil benefits is that, taken internally, it improves the function of the urinary tract, stimulating the flushing out of toxins that get deposited in the urine. This is very important when you have a tendency to retain water or when you are on a detox regime.

10. Antiseptic 

This essential oil has antiseptic properties, which means that it can be used on wounds and burns, as well as for stomach and digestive tract ulcers and irritations. Not all essential oils are safe for internal consumption but sandalwood essential oil is.

11. Alertness

Sandalwood essential oil benefits are very numerous and here is another one: this essential oil can make you more alert, improve your concentration capacity and help your memory work more efficiently. This effect has to do with the fact that the oil has an energising and invigorating effect on your whole body, including the nervous system.

12. Repellent

Sandalwood essential oil makes for a natural, non-toxic alternative to insect poison, so if you have an ant infestation or trouble with other insects, you can simply put some sandalwood essential oil in a bowl of water and put the bowl near the entry of the infestation.

13. Hair tonic

Like most essential oils, sandalwood has a nourishing effect on the hair as well, helping it retain moisture and look healthy. Just a few drops of sandalwood essential oil mixed with Argan oil or jojoba oil and rubbed into your locks after a shower will act as a wonderful stay-in conditioner.

14. Sleep aid

Another one of great sandalwood essential oil benefits is that the oil makes for a great sleeping aid due to its anti-stress qualities. A massage with a cream containing some of it before bed is one way of getting your fix, and another is simply lighting a sandalwood-scented candle in the bedroom and letting it burn for a while before you go to bed.

15. Weight control

Because of its great effect on the digestive system, sandalwood essential oil is believed to have a role to play in weight loss. It’s only logical, since it improves the function of the stomach and the intestine. In addition, it prevents the buildup of gas in the gut.

16. Anti-aging 

Sandalwood essential oil applied topically on the face and body can delay aging by helping your skin retain the moisture it needs to look youthful. Experts however, recommend that you don’t use this essential oil on its own for this purpose, but dilute it with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or others.


Some people show allergic reactions to sandalwood essential oil and for others its internal use may be toxic, especially for children, pregnant women or nourishing mothers, as well as for people with certain chronic diseases, such as liver, kidney or heart disease. Consult your doctor before attempting any self treatments. 

Do you know other sandalwood essential oil benefits and uses?

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