10 Natural Essential Oils And Their Benefits And Uses

There are many, many natural essential oils around the world. Whittling down this list to just ten wasn’t easy. But we believe these are the most potent and varied that possess many beneficial properties that can reduce the risk of cancer, speed up your body’s healing process, and improve your skin.

Natural essential oils are taken from tree bark, leaves, flowers and even the roots of a tree. Just a single, solitary drop is armed with all kinds of powerful health benefits. For this reason, these 10 natural essential oils have been used for thousands of years by people looking to stay in tip-top condition.

But what are natural essential oils exactly, and why are they so beneficial?

Natural essential oils are made up of a complicated network of molecules which affect your body in different ways. And they are so powerful at reducing the risk of disease – or even beating it altogether – that some herbalists and health experts think it may be possible to avoid surgery or prescription drugs altogether.

Here are 10 of the best natural essential oils:

Peppermint Natural Essential Oil

Peppermint natural essential oil is not only one of the sweetest-smelling essential oils, it’s also one of the most versatile. There are very few everyday issues that it can’t help with, as well as more major issues,.

For example, peppermint natural essential oil helps to relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce hunger cravings, provide relief to your sinuses and allergies, and it can also soothe any itch you might have.

Peppermint natural essential oil acts as a natural energiser, and is a much healthier alternative to sugar-laced energy drinks. It can also stimulate hair growth and a healthier scalp when added to your shampoo, and it works as a bug repellant, too.

Bergamot Natural Essential Oil

Out of all the oils on this list, bergamot is perhaps the one you’ve not yet heard of. Bergamot natural essential oil boosts circulation and can reduce the pain and swelling after an insect bite. But it can also help with back pain and reduce muscle cramps.

Clove Natural Essential Oil

Clove natural essential oil is known for its antiseptic properties. It can kill oral infections by eliminating the microbes that spread disease.

Researchers at a top University in Argentina took a closer look at the bacteria that clove is the most effective against, and found that it’s most potent when tackling E.Coli – in other words, a dreadful strain of food poisoning.

Clove can also control two types of bacteria which are known to cause skin infections and pneumonia.

Tea Tree Natural Essential Oil

Tea tree natural essential oil is always grandma’s favourite, and there’s no excuse for you not following her lead by storing a jar in your kitchen cupboard.

Indeed, tea tree natural essential oil is so potent that it’s commonly referred to as “a medicine cabinet in a bottle”. Why? Because it can help with practically any everyday ailment.

Tea tree natural essential oil can treat acne, cold sores, nail fungus, warts, dermatitis,  insect bites and much, much more.

Eucalyptus Natural Essential Oil

Like all the natural essential oils on this list, eucalyptus is ancient and has been used by humans for thousands of years. Especially popular with the Aborigines, who used eucalyptus oil to treat any maladies in their hamlets, this natural essential oil has antiviral, antispasmodic, and antibacterial properties.

Eucalyptus natural essential oil is particularly useful when fighting Staph, a type of bacteria that is known to cause pneumonia. Indeed, this deadly bacteria wilts easily when faced with eucalyptus, and is known to lose all of its powers in just fifteen minutes!

Geranium Natural Essential Oil

Geranium natural essential oil was popular with the Egyptians – perhaps even the sultry Cleopatra used it! It’s got plenty of benefits. Besides smelling sweet, geranium natural essential oil can give you energy, boost your mood, reduce stress, and overall soothe any emotional turbulence.

Chamomile Natural Essential Oil

If you’re aware of chamomile tea, you’ll know all about its calming, soothing effects. Perhaps you’ve got a friend who drinks it every morning to calm their minds before work, or perhaps you drink it yourself.

Chamomile natural essential oil is more versatile than chamomile tea. It can be used to treat issues related to the skin, including dryness, eczema, acne, boils, dermatitis, bee sting, and everyday cuts and wounds.

Thanks to its calming properties, it can also reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Lavender Natural Essential Oil

Lavender natural essential oil is probably your mom’s essential oil of choice, as well as your grandmother’s. Its scent may be polarising, but there is not doubting its healing qualities.

Lavender essential oil is fantastic when it comes to healing everyday injuries, such as bee stings, cuts and scrapes, burns, and any other kind of everyday wound that happens when you get out and about. As such, you should always have a jar of lavender natural essential oil in your cupboard. You never know when you, your kids or your husband might need it.

Lavender natural essential oil has other uses, too, and has been shown to treat oxidative stress. This is important because oxidative stress has been linked to heart disease, as well as other health issue.

Frankincense Natural Essential Oil

Frankincense is so potent that it was a gift brought to the baby Jesus by one of the three wise men. Today, people still use it medicinally. And for good reason.

Frankincense natural essential oil soothes or even prevents acne. All you need to do is add it your soap and apply to your body.

This biblical essential oil can also treat rashes and burns, as well as everyday cuts and scrapes.

Frankincense natural essential oil purifies your skin, too, and for this reason can be used as a massage oil.

It can also stop cancer from spreading.

Lemon Natural Essential Oil

You’re probably fully aware of the health benefits of drinking lemon water. But have you ever considered how using lemon essential oil could be benefiting you?

Lemon natural essential oil is one of a number of citrus-based essential oils that trigger lymph drainage, thereby rejuvenating your skin so that it looks fresh and healthy again.

Lemon natural essential oil can also be used as a bug repellant, which makes it essential in the warmer months.

Lemon natural essential oil also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

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