10 Amazing Benefits Of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

You might have heard about carrot seed essential oil, and maybe you’re a little bit curious to find out more about it. In its nutshell, carrot seed essential oil is a light yellow essential oil that has been steam distilled from the seeds found in the Daucus Carota, which is a carrot plant.

It is also referred to a s Queen Anne’s Lace and Wild Carrot, and is used by women all around the world because of its various health and beauty benefits. Rich in active components such as luteolin, beta bisabolene, camphene, geranyl acetate, carotol and much much more, it is also rich in vitamin A and a wealth of nutrients. Let’s take a look at some amazing benefits of carrot seed essential oil.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Can Slow Down The Ageing Process

Most of us have given up on living forever, because it’s been proven that it’s totally impossible. Sigh. But although we all have to eventually get old, we certainly don’t have to look old before our time.

If you’re looking to slow down the ageing process and age like a goddess, carrot seed essential oil could become your new best friend. The antioxidants found in this essential oil repair damaged tissues, and wards off the various health issues that lead to visible signs of ageing, such as poor eyesight, poor digestion, and stiffened joints.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Makes You Urinate More

There are pros and cons to increased urination. On the negative side, it causes you to lose more water, which means that your body retains fluid in your abdomen in order to keep you hydrated. This in turn can cause you to gain belly fat.

On the plus side, more frequent urination means that your body is flushing out more fat, toxic substances and bile, all of which can cause infections. Moreover, frequent urination also cleans out your kidneys.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Can Cure Infections

Infections happen, and when they do they can really make us feel blue. Infections such as mouth ulcers or a sore throat can stop us from getting our work done, going out for the night, and generally living life the way we want to Iive it. If you’re prone to frequent infections, you might want to consider using carrot seed essential oil.

This essential oil can both cure and prevent infections from even occurring in the first place. Thanks to its strong disinfectant and antiviral properties, carrot seed essential oil can tackle infections internally and externally. For example, you can use it to prevent and treat infections in your stomach, mouth, intestine, throat, and colon. It can also be used to treat measles, the common cold, and flu.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Works As A Stimulant

Caffeine is obviously the most well-known stimulant, and pretty much everyone knows that it stimulates our brain functions, making us more alert and focused. But carrot seed essential oil is also a stimulant that provides the same benefits and more.

For example, this essential oil stimulates your metabolic function and circulation, as well as the secretion of important enzymes and hormones.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Can Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

Cancer is a dreadfully heinous thing, and many of us have known someone whose life has been affected by cancer in some way. But rather than throw our hands up and say that there is nothing you can do about cancer because it’s totally random, you should know that there are preventative measures you can do to limit your risk.

Although applying carrot seed essential oil daily is not going to stop you from ever getting cancer, it can cut your risk of developing certain cancers, including kidney cancer, stomach cancer, mouth cancer, prostrate cancer and throat cancer.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Relieves Abdominal Gas

Many of us suffer from abdominal gas, and the most common cause of gas and bloating is our diet.

As well as changing your diet for the better, you could also use carrot seed essential oil to treat constant abdominal gas. This wonderful essential oil sets to work on eliminating the gas packed away in your intestines, as well as your stomach. You’ll feel relieved in no time at all, but you should also change your diet to reduce your risk of developing gas in the future.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Can Improve Eyesight

When you were young, your grandmother probably told you that carrots can improve make you see in the dark. Your mom probably backed her up. But was this really just a rouse to make you eat more vegetables, or do carrots really help you see in the dark?

Yes and No. Carrot seed essential oil can’t technically illuminate objects in the dark, but it can enhance your eyesight. It also restores damaged tissue and prevents further damage.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Promotes Better Looking Skin

We all want our skin to look as nice as possible. We want it to glow, and we want it to look as beautiful and as smooth as it did when we were young.

Naturally, this isn’t always the case. Skin is your largest organ and looking after it is not always easy. But carrot seed essential oil is rich in the right type of antioxidants and vitamin A that can save your skin from damage by the sun. It can also ward off premature wrinkling, as well as dry skin and acne.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Cleans Out Your System

Our body’s need a good clean now and then. As good as our liver is at performing cleaning tasks on a daily basis, it eventually gets so overloaded with work that it isn’t able to perform at optimum level. What happens then is that nasty toxins in your bloodstream start to run riot, causing headaches, bad skin and all kinds of other issues.

Do your liver a favour by applying carrot seed essential oil to flush our toxins from your body.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Improves The Menstrual Cycle

Lastly, carrot seed essential oil provides this relieving benefit to women who suffer from painful menstrual cycles.

Stay happy and healthy!

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