10 Must know benefits and uses of Anise essential oil

Anise essential oil has some pretty amazing properties; it can be used to calm the digestive system and it even has anti-spasmodic and anti-rheumatic properties too. Anise or aniseed is a flowering plant. The oil is made by extracting it from the seed (fruit) of the anise plant and it has been used in cooking and as a medicine, since before the days of the Romans. Here are ten of the must know benefits and uses of Anise essential oil.

1. Improves the digestion

People have been using anise for centuries to aid the digestion. It is particularly effective after eating a big meal and if you add a small amount of anise essential oil (a couple of drops will be enough) in some water and drink it, it will speed up the digestive process and leave you feeling less bloated.

2. It works as an expectorant

Used in many commercial cough and cold remedies, anise essential oil is a very effective expectorant. You can use anise oil to relieve the symptoms of colds as it will loosen phlegm on the chest and ease congestion quickly.

3. It has antiseptic properties

Used topically, anise essential oil has some pretty strong antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties too. It will help prevent infection in wounds and speed up the healing process.

4. It eases the symptoms of rheumatism

The oil also has potent anti-rheumatic properties. When massaged into the skin around the affected area, anise essential oil can help reduce the pain and inflammation and improve the blood circulation.

5. It is an antispasmodic

As well as being good for easing the pain of rheumatism, anise oil can also help ease the muscle contractions of cramps and similar spasmodic conditions. Rubbed into the skin, anise oil will help reduce and calm the spasms and relax the muscles.

6. It reduces gas and bloating

When you get that bloated feeling and trapped gas, then anise oil will relieve that too. A few drops of anise essential oil in a glass of warm water will help to release the trapped gas and it can also soothe the symptoms of heartburn.

7. It works as an insect repellent

Anise essential oil is a natural insecticide and it is poisonous to most insect pests like house flies and mosquitos. Just a little bit of the oil will keep the flying critters at bay and stop you from getting bitten on your summer’s days out.

8. It has anti-fungal properties

Anise essential oil is also an effective anti-fungal that can fight fungal infections such as candida. In research that was carried out in Korea, it was found that extracts of anise could be a very effective treatment for such ailments.

9. It can be used to treat epileptic fits

The essential oil can be used as a very effective anti-epileptic and anti-hysteria treatment. Anise oil slows down the circulation of blood, which has a calming, sedative effect.

10. It can be sued to treat intestinal infections

Anise essential oil is also used in alternative medicine as a treatment for stomach infections, like intestinal worms. Its powerful properties, similar to its insecticide properties, purge worms from the stomach quickly.

Caution: Anise essential oil might cause some allergic reactions in people who are also allergic to plants similar to anise. Consult your doctor before attempting any self-treatment.

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