Where to meet single men? 10 Best places where you can meet eligible men

Meeting your perfect match can be daunting, simply because there are so many places to look for him. Of course, the best way to meet a guy and fall in love is to stop looking but still, it doesn’t hurt to know where your chances of finding someone you can fall in love with are greatest. Here are ten such places, take your pick.

1. Online dating sites

Starting with the obvious for this day and age, dating sites are not as lame as you might think. Using them doesn’t mean you’re desperate, it means you don’t have the time to go out and look for single men here and there, and wonder if they’re right for you. Dating sites just save a lot of time and trouble.

2. The office party 

If you work for a big company, then the office party is a great place and time to meet a guy. Everyone is more relaxed than usual, there are many people, which is key, so there’s a choice. Just go easy on the wine, you know what we mean. One-night stands have caused too much regret in the world.

3. The gym

Where to meet single men? In case you’re a sporty type, the gym is the best place to meet someone who’s just as body-conscious as you. In fact, any place where you go to practise some kind of a hobby is a good place to meet a guy with a similar view of the world.

4. The nearby cafe/pub/bar

The smaller, the better. Smaller places are more conducive to striking a conversation. What’s better, nowadays there’s free Wi-Fi in many cafes and bars, so you have an excuse for staying longer – you’re working, after all.

5. The cinema

Or the bar, but the key is to go alone. Everyone needs some time alone and it’s not weird anymore to go see a movie on your own. The reason it could increase your chances of meeting that special someone is that men are usually intimidated by groups of women and are more likely to chat up a single girl, who looks like she’s enjoying herself on her own.

6. A friend’s party

Don’t get discouraged because it’s always the same people that come to the same parties. You never know when your friend would invite the new, and cute, co-worker. That goes for other parties too – stay social, don’t clam up.

7. Your own head

This means making peace with the idea that your fantasy prince is quite probably non-existent in real life. There’s nothing wrong with holding the bar high, but putting it too high is a guarantee for failure. Be realistic, adjust your standards.

8. The supermarket

Yes, supermarkets and grocery stores are a great place for meeting single guys. An additional benefit of meeting someone while shopping for food is to have a look at their basket – this basket can tell you loads about the guy.

9. A wedding

Granted, these don’t happen every month but they are a good time to meet someone new. Yeah, yeah, moviemakers tend to overexploit weddings but maybe they’re right. Just don’t focus so much on catching the bouquet.

10. The office

Plain and simple. Most of us spend more time with their colleagues, than with their family and friends. These are the rules of the game but why not use them as they are? Your co-workers are the people you get to know best after a while, if you make the effort. This way you will know whether the guy you have a crush on is worth it. Just pay attention. After all, work is one of the two biggest “sources” of marriage, along with universities, schools and websites.

Where to meet single men? Where did you meet your boo?

Stay happy and love yourself!

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