10 Things Guys Notice When They Meet You For The First Time

Want to know what the first ten things guys notice when they meet you for the first time are? Let’s take a look!

We know that we’re from Venus and guys are from Mars. But it would be nice to know what’s on their mind every now and then. For example, when we meet our date for the first time, what are they instantly noticing about us? Are they checking out our nice new dress that took us six years to pick out? Are they nodding appreciatively at the way we’ve done our make-up?

Or are they just super happy that we made it on time?

Knowledge is power. If you know the things a guy is looking out for when he first meets you, you can work on this stuff so that you’re always looking your absolute best.

So let’s take a look at the 10 this guys notice when they meet you for the first time.

Your Hair

Some guys will tell you that they can tell how pretty a girl is just by looking at the back of their head. Of course, this is not true. But we get where they’re coming from.

Just by looking at the back of your head, a guy can see what condition your hair is in. In other words, they get an idea as to how much you take care of yourself.

A girls hair is important to a guy. It doesn’t just show him how healthy you are, or how much you take care of yourself. It also lets him decide how attractive you are to him, and how conservative or wild you are. Hair can be a great indicator of your personality, and it can make or break how attracted to you a guy is.

Your Style

Now that guys all have beards, they seem to think they’re some sort of fashion gurus.

It’s true that they’re more into style than ever. And they’ll definitely be checking out your style to see what it says about your personality, and if it matches up with their own.

The Way You Interact With Others

During your date, the guy will be keenly aware of how you act with other people. This will be a huge part of your audition.

He’ll notice if you hand some loose change to a homeless person or mutter under your breath that they should all get jobs. He’ll notice if you smile at the barista or snap that they short changed you for your coffee. He’ll notice if you kindly ask an old lady to step aside or snarl for her to “shift”.

Your Smile

Guys love it when girls smile. And when we meet a guy for the first time, we can’t help but grin. It’s just a natural reflex. Sometimes our smile is nervous, sometimes it’s confident, and other times it’s totally genuine and full of excitement.

And other times, it’s totally fake! (You know, a polite smile)

A guys eyes will be subconsciously drawn to your mouth when you first met. He’ll be looking for certain social cues and asking himself what kind of smile you have.

“Does she have a warm smile? A seductive smile? … OMG, she has a fake smile!”

Your Manners

He bought you dinner. Did you thank him?

He turned up on time. Did you? And if you didn’t, did you apologise?

Remember that guys are still chivalrous in 2017, and they’ll be keeping an eye on your manners.

Your Laugh

If you’re not laughing at his jokes, the guy will surely notice. It might knock his confidence slightly that you’re not laughing, but more often than not he’ll decide that the problem is with you. You haven’t got a sense of humour, and therefore you’re not the girl for him.

It’s very important to a man that you laugh, and this is one of the first things he’ll be looking out for. He’ll be looking out for the trill of giggles as you two get up to some cheeky fun. He’ll be looking for endless belly laughs as you both get into a misunderstanding with the waiter.

And he’ll definitely be looking out for some good old-fashioned chortles as he tells you his best jokes.

Just make sure you don’t laugh like his dad. It might not go down so well.

Your Weight

It isn’t that he’s judging how much you weigh. But if you think he doesn’t notice your weight (whether you’re big or small), you must think nobody notices anything on Mars.

Your Eyes

Whether or not eyes really are the window to your soul is not what’s up for debate here. Neither is the fact that guys are as tactfully as possible checking out your eyes.

Beautiful, mysterious eyes will, of course, hypnotise him. He’ll find it difficult to stop gazing into them.

But when he checks out your eyes, what he’s really looking for are signals. He’s trying to work out what you’re saying to him with your eyes. Are you flirting with him? Are you gesturing that you’d like to go back to his place?

Or are you commanding him to ask the waiter for the check so that this date can end already?

Or maybe you just want to turn him into stone like Medusa.

Your Voice

Guys are definitely turned on by voices. If you’ve already spoken to him on the phone, he will already know whether your vocal chords are on point or not. If you haven’t, your voice will be one of the ten things he notices when you first meet.

We can’t help the way we sound. But we all have different voices that are either music to a man’s ears, or enough to have him cover his ears. Some girls have a melodious, ethereal voice, others have a raspier voice.

Accents play a part, too. Some accents turn a guy on, others turn him off. It’s entirely subjective, but be sure that a guy will be listening carefully.

Your Legs

We all know that guys like legs. When polled what they love most about girls, legs will be high on the list.

It’s one of the top ten things he notices about you, but it isn’t enough to be a deal breaker. After all, it’s kinda hard for him to check your legs out without it looking obvious.

Stay happy!

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