What guys notice first about girls? 10 things

We don’t want to make you feel paranoid, but did you know that guys are constantly eyeing the girls and make instant judgements about them? It’s not just the seedy ones in the grubby rain coats either, they all do it; it’s a kind of a guy’s hobby! So what are they looking for, when they tot up the score on their first impressions scorecard? Take a look at these clues as to what guys notice first about you:

1. What guys notice first? Your eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say. Usually, when you first meet new people you look straight in their eyes. Your eyes can tell a lot about your personality, your mood and about what you think of the other person. When a guy looks at you for the first time, he looks straight into your eyes and reads the subconscious message that you are sending him: it can be an ‘i love you from the first sight’ message or ‘i don’t want to talk to you’ sign or ‘let’s just be friends’ message…Yes, your eyes do speak.

2. What guys notice first? Your hair

You might have thought that the very first thing on the list would be your figure, but whilst most red blooded males will take a glance at your shape, it’s the hair that first speaks volumes. If you take care of your hair, the chances are that you take care of everything else too. Also, surveys and researches show that most guys prefer girls with mid-length or long hair, because they find it feminine, charming and attractive.

3. What guys notice first? Your smile

Guys always notice a pretty smile. A girl who can smile is usually a happy, generous, outgoing and friendly type of person, a scowl is a warning sign of one who is way, way too serious.

4. What guys notice first? Your clothes

The clothes that you wear say a lot about your personality; so much so that it could be the topic for an entire post! You are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but, your clothes can show if you are confident or timid, you take pride in your appearance or you don’t, you are a bit of a rebel or a conformist and much, much more…

5. What guys notice first? Your friends

Who you keep company with can say a lot about you too. If your friends are brash and loud, then the chances are that you are too. Beware, this one can even override your appearance in the judgement stakes; you could just be dressed smart today for a job interview, but usually you look just like your friends.

6. What guys notice first? Your shoes

Never forget your shoes, they say a lot about you. A scruffy, worn pair of sneakers denotes a lack of care, whereas a cute pair of new high heels shows confidence and boldness.

7. What guys notice first? How much you put on show

There’s a very fine line between seductive and inappropriate. A hint of cleavage or leg is far more attractive than a full, in face, explosion of flesh! Show too much and a man will look, but he’ll be thinking ‘Great, but I wouldn’t date her’.

8. What guys notice first? Your walk

They don’t learn manners and deportment at posh finishing schools for nothing. A confident, gracious walk will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Walk like a lady and not like a man and you’ll turn some heads.

9. What guys notice first? What you are carrying

We could talk about a hand-bag here and, yes, if you have a bag the size of a small aircraft carrier that might suggest high maintenance, but the biggest giveaway of all is the shopping! Is it Walmart or is it Louis Vitton? Is it a bookstore or a sports store? Is it a baby store? Your shopping bags can give it all away.

10. What guys notice first? Your body

Where on the list this one ranks depends on the guy, but, we’re afraid to say, that it’s here. Sadly, it’s true, men do look at your breasts and your booty. Be aware!

What other things on your opinion guys notice first about girls? Share your own ideas in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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  1. Nancy M
    February 20, 2014 at 11:30 am

    Yes, you are right about these things…

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