Top 10 places where you can find single guys

Hunting for a man can be fun, but as any good hunter knows, you need to know where your prey hangs out, before the hunt can begin in earnest. If you’re looking for a special catch, then try these ten places where good single men can be found:

1. A bar

The old ones are the best, and single men are still heading for the bar, when they are feeling lonely. Hang out at a bar and within no time at all, you’ll have someone to talk to and you probably won’t have to pay for the drinks either!

2. Art galleries

If the quieter type is more your thing, then try an art gallery for a change. You have the perfect excuse to start a conversation, even if you’re no expert, just say how much you admire a piece of work or an artist and you’ve found some common ground straight away.

3. Get a dog

Dog lovers love to talk about their dogs and if your dog hits off with his dog, then you’ve made a friend too. Everyday, when you walk your dog, you’ve increased the chance of meeting someone special and, if you don’t, you’ve still got the daily workout and your dog to talk to!

4. Techie stores

Tech stores and gadget shops are great places to find single men. Guys love all things techie and they love showing off about their knowledge of such things, so just look hopelessly lost about what wireless router that you need and a guy will soon come to your aid.

5. Bookstores

Bookstores have everything you need, when you are looking for a man. You can check out his interests, by seeing what he’s reading, you have a reason to talk to him, to ask him about a book and, in most bookstores, you have a comfy place to sit and have a coffee with him too.

6. Where you work

Don’t overlook the men at work, they might be available too. You never know, but the man that’s right for you might be in the next office, so keep your eyes open and get ready to flirt!

7. A walk in the park

You don’t have to have a dog to go for a walk in the park. You’ll be surprised at how many attractive, single guys spend an hour in the park reading a book or just watching the world go by. Just go and sit next to one, they might be looking for some company.

8. The gym

At least, if you meet a man in the gym, you know that he likes to take care of himself. If you’re not already a member, then join a gym and keep fit, while you’re on the hunt for a new man and you win, whichever way things go.

9. Throw a party

Parties are fun and, if you throw your own house party, you can invite all your friends and ask them to bring their single friends with them too. You’re the host, you’re in control and you’ll get introduced to lots of new people and, who knows, one of them could be The One.

10. The internet

Everybody’s internet dating now, not just the computer nerds and weirdos, so, if you haven’t tried it yet, then give it a go. There are millions of perfectly normal and nice guys waiting for you to go online, so set up your profile and take your pick!

Where you can find single guys? Do you have some other suggestions?

Stay happy!

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