The Seven Main Ingredients a Woman Needs in Her Man

Being in a relationship is not as simple, as it may seem. You need to work out a few kinks here and there, because maintaining a good, happy and healthy relationship will require both partners to work together. Women, for example, will need more support, when it comes to emotional side of relationship, this is why it’s important for a woman to find a gentleman that will be able to give her the support she needs in areas where she needs it the most. Below are some important aspects, when it comes to relationship advice for women to help all ladies in their search for Mr. Right:

1. Communication

For women, there is nothing better than a man who listens to them. A man who can listen to his lady’s needs and give her what she requires is what all women wish for their partner. Women are more sensitive emotionally, which means that they will need some extra support in that aspect. A man who will wholeheartedly listen to his partner will also ensure that their relationship will stay strong and endure all storms of life.

2. Trust

The number one relationship killer is dishonesty. Trust is the main ingredient in any kind of healthy relationship, more so between a man and a woman. Being open and honest with each other is also among the best dating tips since forever. Remember that building trust is hard, but ruining it can take only minutes. Put this among your top priorities with your partner and you will avoid unnecessary quarrels.

3. Emotional Support

Relationships are a multi level process. In each of these levels comes certain moments, wherein a woman will need her partner to give her support. Having a strong shoulder of loving man to lean on is a necessity for every lady. For a woman, this is, certainly, one of the best feelings she can experience. Supporting each other will not only help you through difficult times, but also will strengthen your relationship.

4. Physical Support

Being able to offer not only emotional, but also physical support is just as important. A woman needs some rest from her busy schedule every once in a while and having her partner take over some of the jobs at home is a great sign that he appreciates everything she does, loves her and cares.

5. Intimacy

Yes, this is just as important as anything else in a healthy relationship. Being able to complement each other physically and showing it – is a great way to spice up a relationship and is a staple of love advice. Think of this as that special topping on your dessert, it shouldn’t be the main focus, but it certainly helps the overall look of the dessert, right?!

6. Romantic

Nothing sweeps a woman off her feet faster, than when her loving partner surprises her romantically. Being romantic will always have a woman swoon, time and time again. No matter how cheesy the gift may be, as long as it’s straight from the heart, then, no woman can resist being flustered. This is one of the vital dating tips for women, but especially for men.

7. Independence  

One of the main ingredients of any healthy relationship is having independence. This is the final step you take in dating, before going through the next chapter in both of your lives. A man who is independent will be able to show the woman that he is ready to take care of her.

These are just the basics of relationship advice for women. Know that both partners should work together to make a relationship blossom. It takes two to tango and if you base your relationship on these 7 aspects, then you will be able to perform a perfect rendition of waltz in no time.

I hope you find these relationship tips useful.

What other relationship and love advice would you like to add to the list above?

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Stay happy!

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