Marriage proposal ideas: 8 most romantic places for a proposal 

When that moment arrives for your man to get down on one knee (or if you are a guy, then for you to get down on one knee for that matter), it is the 21st century, so you want to it to be in a location that’s a bit special. Let’s face it, a proposal over a Big Mac really won’t do, will it? If you are planning to propose to your better half, then read our eight marriage proposal ideas of somewhere, a little more romantic than McDonalds to do it:

1. A deserted beach

With the sun setting behind the horizon and the crashing of the waves on the sandy shore, as your only background noise, how romantic can you get?! If a private Caribbean island is out of your price range, then just take a picnic and a bottle of champagne to a beach closer to home.

2. A hot air balloon

One of the most romantic marriage proposal ideas would be to propose while flying a hot air ballon. Silently gliding above the tree tops on an African safari would be ideal, but you can hire a hot air balloon trip in all sorts of different locations, it’s the perfect place for a proposal, high above the world, watching everyone else scurry about their business.

3. A rooftop restaurant

Another one of the popular marriage proposal ideas is to do it in a rooftop restaurant. In any city, in any country in the world, there is something strangely romantic about dinning atop a large building. Gazing across the cityscape, looking at the twinkling lights below, it’s a scene that you will both remember for many years to come; or you can go to Paris and propose to your lady at the top of the Eiffel tower.

4. On a private yacht

You might think that a private yacht is just for the millionaires and jet setters, but, those millionaires are not daft. They hire them out when they are not using them! You can charter a yacht in most coastal resorts, so take a sunset cruise on the waves and surprise your partner with a ring!

5. Where you first met

One of the most romantic and beautiful marriage proposal ideas would be to take a trip down memory lane and re-visit the place where you first met. It’s the perfect prompt for some really cheesy lines like ‘this is where our love began, and this where we will seal it’. Or skip the cheesy lines, if you prefer, it’s still a lovely way to propose.

6. Propose at work

Best to be very sure about the likely response before you try this one, or it could be really awkward for both of you, but a surprise proposal in front of friends and colleagues can be really romantic. It’s a public announcement of your true and undying love for one another.

7. The yule tide proposal

Staying at home together for Christmas? Then this is the perfect opportunity for a surprise proposal. Hide the ring inside any present or at the bottom of a Christmas stocking. What better Christmas gift could you give to one you love?

8. On a romantic break for two

We’ve deliberately avoided making this a list of romantic destinations around the world, there are enough travel companies doing that! But, destinations such as Paris, Venice or Fiji are still great places for your expression of love, but you don’t have to have a large bank balance to make your proposal special, just a little planning.

What would be your dream proposal? Feel free to share your marriage proposal ideas in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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