New relationship advice: Is he a gentleman? 10 Tips to help you find out

Is your man a true gent or is he just a jerk? When you first start dating a guy, you need to get past the front that he’s putting on to impress you and get down to what he’s really going to be like in six months or a years’ time. No matter how good he is at pretending, there are usually a few telltale signs that you can spot, so read these ten tips to help tell, if he’s a real gentleman or just a darned good actor:

1. Can he see beyond your body?

A true gentleman will always see more in you, than just your seductive femininity. If all his compliments seem to be centred around how ‘hot’ you are, then that may well be flattering, but he’s no gent and he’s not seeing the real you.

2. Does he lose his temper to win an argument?

Does he frequently lose his temper, shout and scream to win an argument? Even if he has only let this side of his personality slip just the once, it is something to be wary of. Gentlemen don’t ever shout at ladies, they keep their calm and their dignity.

3. Does he respect you?

Real men respect people for who they are and they would never run a person down, especially not a girl! A gentleman will show a sincere respect for your opinions and he will always listen to your point of view.

4. What about his manners? Is he courteous to everyone?

To spot how he might treat you in the future, watch how he treats other people now. If he’s polite and courteous to everyone, then that is his natural way. If he is rude and dismissive of other people, though, that may be what is in store for you.

5. Does he pay his way?

The old fashioned gentleman would always have paid for everything and, even though things have changed, he should still be offering to do so. Today, it is more the ‘norm’ to share the cost of a date, but if he expects you to pay for everything, then that is out of order. If your man often ‘forgets’ to bring his wallet, then you should be questioning his gentlemanly credentials.

6. Does he take care of his appearance?

The days of top hats and tails might be long gone, but the least he can do is to have a shave before he meets you. Taking care of personal hygiene and appearance isn’t just a sign of a gentleman; it’s a sign of respect for you.

7. Does he get on well with his family? How does your man treat his mother?

How he treats his own family is a good indication of how he will treat you in the future. A gentleman respects and loves his family and will be there for them, when he is needed. Watch especially for how he treats his mother, that’s always a good indication of how he treats all the women in his life.

8. How much his word is worth?

Does he always keep his word? A gentleman’s word is his bond. If your man always does what he says he will, then you are onto a winner! But be careful, if he has let you down before, even on the little promises, because a gentleman would never break a promise of any sort.

9. Do you see generosity in his everyday behavior?

How generous is he? He doesn’t have to be a rich man to be generous; it could be his time that he gives to others. Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes and it begins by simply showing consideration to other people. Kindness and consideration to others is a part of what makes a man a gentleman and you will be able to see this in his everyday behavior.

10. Does he treat you like a lady?

Some of the simplest of gestures will tell you that he is a gentleman. Opening doors for you, letting you go first or carrying your bags, will just come naturally to him and without a second thought. You’ll be able to tell quickly, whether it’s all just a show, if he will forget to do it sometimes.

What other signs of a true gentleman would you like to add to our list?

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Stay happy!

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    Yes, I agree! Great tips!

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