How to meet your online boyfriend in person? 9 Useful dating tips

When you meet people online, you might think that you know them already, but do you really? Whilst most people are honest, some invent a whole new persona for themselves online, so meting your online boyfriend in person, for the first time, can be a really nerve-wracking occasion for both of you. Aside from the nerves, it’s important to remember that it’s still a first date and you don’t really know him well yet, so read our tips on how to meet your online boyfriend in person, before you go:

1. Be careful

Many people today meet their partners online, so we would certainly not want to put you off meeting your online boyfriend in person. However, when you meet him for the first time, you should take the same precautions, as you would, when meeting a stranger. Just take the sensible precautions of meeting new person for the first time: meet in a public place, where you feel safe, and be cautious about giving out too many personal details about yourself, until you are sure about the person you are meeting.

2. Treat it just like any other first date

In some ways, this can be worse than a first date, because you both have certain expectations of one another. But, stay cool and treat it the same way, as any other first date. Find out if he really is the person that you think he is and remember, he is doing the same, so relax, enjoy yourself, it could be the beginning of something big!

3. Keep the escape routes open

Calling this a blind date would be wrong. After all, you have been in communication with him and you have probably seen photos, but if those photos were twenty years out of date and that ring on his finger wasn’t in shot, then you might want a quick exit. Meeting for coffee is probably the type of thing for a first meeting, that way you have the choice of going somewhere else or, if need be, making your excuses.

4. Don’t jump in with both feet

You may have been texting, talking on the phone and emailing, but remember to follow the same rules, as you would, when going on a first date. Jumping into bed with a stranger is the fraught with danger, whether you have communicated online beforehand or not, and it has the same implications.

5. Relax and be yourself

You think you know this person and you probably do, so relax, ease up and try not to feel awkward. You are off to a better start than normal, because you have things to talk about already, so it should be easier; but, be aware, that can make you overly keen to impress and the real you won’t come out.

6. Be the same person

The guy is expecting to know you, so don’t start acting differently, than you did online. Hopefully, you were being yourself, when you were sitting at your computer, so be the same person now or, otherwise, someone will be disappointed.

7. Clear the air of any little white lies

If you have exaggerated on your profile or in emails, then best to get that out of the way quickly! The little white lies are easy online, but clear the air sooner, rather than later or they will come back to haunt you.

8. Don’t forget to flirt

Our tips here are a mixed bag, be careful, but have fun too. It’s still a date, at the end of the day, and you’ve probably been flirting online with him, so don’t disappoint now! If all’s looking good, then reel him in!

9. What dating advice would you give to your own daughter?


We don’t want to sound like your mother, but have a think about what advice you would give to your own daughter under these circumstances, and then, follow your own good advice.

Do you have some other dating tips on how to meet the online boyfriend in person? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay happy!


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