10 Tips On How To Know If You Are In Love Or It’s An Illusion

Love is the best emotion there is. When asked what we want most out of life, many of us say we want to love and be loved. But how do we know when the feelings are real, or when they’re just an infatuation? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 tips on how to know if you are in love or if it’s an illusion.

They say that only fools rush in. What’s also true is that we often get carried away with our feelings, falsely thinking we’re in love, when actually we’re just momentarily infatuated. True love is something different to anything else, yet because of how our body works, we often get the same rush of giddiness when we’re temporarily crushing on someone. In other words, our body tricks us into believing we’re in love when it’s not real. That doesn’t sound fair at all! So how do we differentiate between the real deal and an illusion. Here is how:

They’re The First Person You Think Of When You’ve Got Some Exciting News

You know when someone gives us some really exciting news? We literally can’t wait to tell someone else! Or maybe we’ve received some exciting news of our own. Maybe we’ve just received our exam results and we totally aced it. We can’t wait to tell someone! But who?! If you’re in love and it’s the real deal, the first person you can’t wait to share your exciting news with is that special someone. There is no one else you want to tell first! Maybe you text them, call them or rush over to their house. Either way, you can’t wait to tell them and let them share in your awesome news.

You’re Experiencing A Roller Coaster Of Emotions

When they don’t text you, you feel as though life isn’t worth living. “Obviously they don’t like me. If they did, they would have texted me by now. Why do I even get out of bed in the morning?” Then, as soon as they text, your mood is instantly lifted, the world is awesome, and you feel as though you could hug a stranger! This is what happens when we’re in love and it isn’t an illusion. We go through an emotional roller coaster. We’re up and down. It’s exciting, if a tad stressful and exhausting!

You Watch An Awesome Movie And Think: “They Would LOVE This”

If we don’t love someone, they’re hardly going to be on our minds as we watch a movie. However, if you love someone, they’re going to be the first thing you think about when you watch something you know they would love. Ever done that? Ever watched a movie, or read a book and thought “this would be SO perfect for them”? It’s a sign that you’re attuned to their personal taste; you know their likes, and their dislikes. This usually happens when we fall in love with someone. We start to anticipate the things they’d like, and all of a sudden so many things begin to make us think of them.

And Literally Everything Reminds You of Them

How to know if you are in love? Not only do you watch a movie and think of them – but pretty much everything starts to make you think of them. It’s like you can’t go on the morning commute to work without something bringing them to mind. You eat dinner and the food reminds you of them. You drink coffee, and just the smell reminds you of them. It’s like you can’t do anything without them being there in spirit! Not that you’re complaining. It’s kinda nice! But it’s also a super strong sign that this love is the real deal.

You Can’t Get Enough Of Them, No Matter How Annoying They Become

Everyone becomes annoying eventually, even our Prince Charming. But it’s a measure of how in love with someone you really are when you’re able to tolerate their faults. So how to know if you are in love? If their imperfections look perfect to you, it’s a sign that you genuinely love that person.

You’re Willing To Make Changes For Them

Wow, get you – not only do you love this person, but you love them so much that you’re willing to make changes for them. They must be awesome! It’s the real deal when we love someone so much that we’re prepared to make changes. We’re prepared to change our behaviour, make sacrifices or break bad habits for them. On the other hand, we wouldn’t be prepared to turn our lives upside down if all this was just an illusion. No way – it’s just not worth our time.

You Talk About Them A Lot

“No, I don’t!” you protest. Okay, who were you talking about an hour ago? “Okay, I do talk about them – but not all the time,” you concede. “Just every ten minutes.” In fact, your friends know it. They’ve even told you that you talk about your partner a lot, like really a lot. But you know what? So what if you do talk about them to your friends, your mom, your grandma, your boss and a total stranger, you love them and that’s all that matters, right?!

You Smile When They Text You

Another text from your friend. Meh. Big deal. You’ll reply to it later. A text from them, however? You’re literally grinning from ear to ear, and it’s a huge sign that this is love and not an illusion. If they give you butterflies just by texting you, it’s embarrassing, sure – but it’s also cute.

They Make You Feel Safe

You know it’s true love when your partner can make you feel safe. After all, your partner is supposed to be the one person who protects you and looks after you, and who you can turn to when you need security. If this is exactly how you feel around your partner, it’s a good sign. To search your heart and inner feelings like this is another great tip on how to know if you are in love and make sure it’s not just an illusion.

Do you have other tips on how to know if you are in love?

Stay happy!

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