How to know if a guy is serious about you?

Relationships can be beautiful, but hard work at the same time. It can seem like there are a lot of rules involved. How are you supposed to know if the two of you are on the same page? How early is too early to ask? If you’re not sure where you’re headed and not sure how to bring it up, read these 10 signs that will help you work out if it’s just casual for him or if he wants the real deal:

1. He takes you on dates during the day

There’s nothing wrong with going out at night time but if it’s the only time you go out, it could mean one of two things: you’re being formal because you don’t know each other very well yet or he wants to go back to your place afterwards. If a man is really comfortable with you and cares about you, he’ll want to do more casual things during the day like lunch and movies.

2. Public displays of affection

Another good sign on how to know if a guy is serious about you is when he publicly displays his affection. Of course, not everyone is a fan of the PDA even if the relationship is serious. But if he holds your hand and kisses you in public, it’s a pretty good sign that he’s into you. Plus, if a man puts his arm around you, it’s actually a way to signal to other males around that you belong to him (in a nice way).

3. He’s not always trying to make a move

It’s always nice if a guy is really into you physically, but it doesn’t always mean he’s serious. Do little kisses always have to turn passionate? Do cuddles always turn into groping? If a guy is happy to just touch without always trying to turn it into something more, that means it’s not the only thing on his mind and it’s a sign on how to know if a guy is serious about you.

4. He gets a little presumptuous

If this sounds like a bad thing, it’s not meant to. If a guy kind of assumes that you’ll go on another date or make plans for the weekends, it means he’s feeling pretty comfortable with you.

5. He calls you on the phone

Calling is just a little more personal than sending a text. If he calls you to have a good conversation, it means he thinks you are worth the extra effort and he thinks about you when you’re not there.

6. You know what he’s up to

When you don’t see each other, do you know where he is? In a serious relationship, you should be up to date on what the other one is doing. Does he tell you his schedule and his plans? If he does, he has nothing to hide.

7. He values your opinion

Another good tip on how to know if a guy is serious about you is, if he is coming to you for support and listens when you tell him what you think. Guys typically have more trouble taking advice and talking about their problems, so they tend to keep things like that strictly between people they care most about.

8. He makes an effort with things you like

You probably have a hobby that wouldn’t appeal to him or a job he doesn’t understand or a movie that he doesn’t like. If he makes an effort to talk about these things with you anyway, ask questions or do them with you, it means he cares.

9. He introduces you to his friends

Next tip on how to know if a guy is serious about you is when he introduces you to his friends. This step usually comes before the family meeting and is a good sign he’s serious about you, especially, if they seem to know some things about you already. That means he’s been talking about you.

10. He talks about the future

This doesn’t mean he has to talk about his desire to get married and have children right away but, of course, once you’re serious, you will want to bring these things up. If he tells you about events and things he wants to do in the future, it means he’s hoping you’ll stick around.

How to tell if a guy is serious about you?

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