How to impress a guy? 10 Things you shouldn’t do to impress a guy

When we’re out to impress we can sometimes go a bit over the top and at times love can make us behave in ways that, were it to be re-played to us on a video clip, we’d be squirming with embarrassment and wishing that the world would swallow us up.

If you’re looking for tips on how to impress a guy, there are some things that you should really avoid doing, if you want to avoid that ‘YouTube’ moment, that one time in your life that you’d really rather forget. Let’s begin:

1. Pretend to be a sporty girl

If you’re not into sports, playing or watching, then don’t pretend that you are. There’s nothing funnier than watching someone throw a ball who can’t do it properly or, even better, the person who stands up whopping, clapping and cheering, only to find out that it was the other team that just scored.

2. Get a bad fake tan

The guy may have let slip that he likes a tan on a girl, but turning up to your next date with an orange glow to your skin will only make him whisk you off quickly to a dark corner of the bar where you can’t be seen.

3. Giggle and gush

His jokes aren’t that funny and he knows it. You don’t need to hang on to his every word and giggle manically at his every witticism or he’ll start to think that you need some professional help!

4. Act like a man

Acting like a man will get you nowhere; he’s looking for a girlfriend, not an addition to his gang of mates.  Trying to ‘man it up’ and join in with his masculine pastimes might gain you membership of the Lads Club, but it won’t help you find love.

5. Overdo the teasing look

Push up bras and mini skirts will get you the admiring looks, but not necessarily the love that you yearn for. A guy is looking for someone to love, not just to show off to his friends. Make the most of what you’ve got by all means, but be careful and avoid overdoing it.

6. Use a different voice

Some girls slip into a different voice when they are trying to impress a guy. Some go for the soft and sultry tones, while others opt for the high pitched and giggly. Neither will work and what’s more, he’s going to get a shock when you revert to your normal voice later on.

7. Act dumb

Men are not attracted by the dumb blonde, or dumb any colour for that matter, any more. Intelligent conversation is far more attractive and a man will respect a woman who can hold her own in a conversation far more.

8. Wear out-of-season clothes

If it’s cold out, put a coat on! You’re curves might look better in a pretty, revealing summer dress, but you’re going to look a bit odd, if it’s mid winter and snowing.

9. Don’t Photoshop your picture on online dating sites

So many people do it, but what’s the point! The whole objective of online dating sites is to meet a guy face to face and you can’t Photoshop your own face, right?! Be natural and be yourself, then you’ll be loved for who you are and not for your skills with a computer.

10. Don’t say ‘yes’ until you’re really ready

It’s not true that all men are just after one thing, but if you offer it on a plate, they will find it hard to turn it down. That doesn’t mean that they will respect you any more or that you’ve got him caught on the line; if it’s too soon, the opposite will be true.

When we try to impress we sometimes put on a show and even lie about ourselves, but, if it’s a relationship that you are looking for, then just being you is the best option. Of course, you want to look your best and let your personality shine out, but any type of falsehood early on in dating might come back to haunt you later on.

I hope you find these dating tips for women useful.

What other things should we avoid doing if we want to impress a guy? Feel free to share your own dating wisdom and tips on how to impress a guy in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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