How to find a good man? 

Got a new man in your life and want to find out if he’s worth your time? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how you can find out.

If you’ve been here before with a guy, you know the drill already. No matter how much he sweet talks you, no matter how charming he appears to be, it counts for little at this stage. He might still be unworthy. Some relationships start off so well. Before we know it, we’ve fallen in love with our crush. Then, he changes. He seems different, distant, and even becomes a bit mean. He isn’t what we thought he was. Unfortunately, some guys get cold feet and can’t commit. Others just love the chase. Once they’ve won us, it’s time for them to move on and start a new game elsewhere. Others are just total douches. As such, knowing if a guy is worth your time isn’t easy. But you deserve happiness and you deserve to be treated properly. Let’s take a look at how to find out if a guy is worthy.

He Replies To Your Texts

It might seem like a small thing – but it’s actually a big deal. If a man can’t even be bothered to reply to your texts? It’s hardly a good sign. If a guy is truly interested in and genuinely likes you, he’ll waste no time replying to you once he’s able to. He’ll look forward to it. Moreover, it’s basic politeness to reply to someones text. If a man ignores a lot of your text, it first of all suggests impoliteness and a lack of respect, which are both major warning signs that he’s not worthy. But it also suggests that he doesn’t care as much about you as he should if you were dating.

He Makes Good On His Promises

There isn’t much worse than a flaker who says one thing and does another. What you need and deserve in your life is a man of integrity for whom his word is his bond. A real man is a man who makes promises and delivers on them. Sometimes, he’ll over-deliver. If you’ve got a guy who talks the talk but can’t walk the walk? It’s a strong sign that he’s not worthy. Next time he makes a promise, see if he delivers on it.

He’s Good With Money

For the sake of your long-term future, you need to be with a man who is good with money. If he’s careful with his finances and everything is in order, he’s a keeper who’s able to provide for you.

He Asks For Your Opinion

Ever been with a guy who seems to be of the attitude that your opinion doesn’t count? He doesn’t ask for it, he doesn’t want it – he’s so single-minded and sure of himself that he doesn’t even need it. This kind of guy sucks. It’s one thing to have confidence, but everyone needs a second opinion. And when a guy cares about a woman, the only opinions he truly cares about are those from his partner and his mom. If he asks for your opinion on matters, from business to fashion, it’s a sure sign that he’s worthy. If he literally never cultivates your opinion and beats it away when you offer it? Totally not worth your time.

He Listens To You

Not only does he cultivate your opinion, but he actually listens to you. You know what so many guys are like. They say they’re listening, but they’t not really paying any attention. They’re flicking through their phones, killing zombies on a video game – or they start to interrupt you. If a guy is worthy, he will give you his ear. He will absorb what you have to say and respond with questions.

His Friends Are Fab!

His friends are a major reflection on him and the choices he makes. If his friends are total douches, you can almost guarantee that he’ll be a douche, too. If you get along with his friends like a house on fire? Excellent! He’s probably worth it. It’s really important that you get along with his friends and like them, because you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with them. If you absolutely hate them, this relationship is a non-starter.

He Puts You First

A lot of the time, we’re so used to being second, third or even fourth on our man’s list of priorities that it seems too good to be true when a guy comes along who actually puts us first. Look, we get it. Guys get busy. They often have a million and one things to do. But when they put sports, work and nights out with the boys before us all the time? It gets annoying. It certainly doesn’t make us feel special.If he makes you his priority and ask what you’re doing each weekend before he even makes any other plans, it’s a massive sign that he’s worth your time.

He’s Honest

You know he’s done something he shouldn’t have done. But is he going to be brave enough to admit it? In fact, it’s not even a question of being brave – it’s about being a man. A real man doesn’t lie. A real man accepts responsibility for everything he does. He makes big calls and accepts the consequences. He deals with them. And if he’s done something he knows he shouldn’t have? He’ll admit it. Honesty is the foundation for a strong relationship. If he’s honest, he’s a keeper.

He Makes An Effort

Gonna take him an hour to come over to your place tonight? If he’s not worthy, he won’t bother. He’ll make an excuse. “It’s too far, it’s raining and I’m tired.” If he’s worthy? He’ll be there in 55 minutes, whatever the weather. Guys that are worth it make the effort at all times. They want to impress you and demonstrate that they’re the one for you.

He’s Direct

Lastly, he’s mature enough to be over games. He doesn’t have the time to fool around, and he doesn’t want to mess you around. He’s upfront about his feelings and let’s you know exactly what he wants.

What are your tips on how to find a good man?

Stay happy!

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