How To Feel Closer To Your Boyfriend?

Closeness is what we all want from our boyfriends, but in an age when both partners have full-time careers and private time is at a premium, that closeness can be hard to achieve with great frequency. The problem is that a lack of intimacy between you and your boyfriend can really take the shine off your relationship, and you can easily start to feel distant.

The great thing is that getting that closeness back is often just a matter of carrying out a few simple but super powerful gestures. So if you’re looking to cement your love and win back the undying attention of your beau, let’s take a look at a few ways to help you feel closer to your boyfriend today.


Yup, sometimes feeling closer to your lover is as simple as puckering up. It could just be a quick peck before he goes to work, or it could be something as romantic as a long make out session in the cinema. Whatever it is, kissing is a great way to get closer to your boyfriend.

In fact, most women will admit that they prefer kissing to all-out lovemaking, as it’s more intimate and suggestive. Don’t be shy of kissing your boyfriend, but make it your goal to kiss him hello, goodbye and any time in between!

Talk To Him

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? And you’re probably reading this and screaming, “BUT I DO TALK TO HIM. WHAT, YOU THINK I’M DATING A GUY I NEVER TALK TO?!”

Of course, we all talk to our boyfriends. But after a few weeks together, it’s very easy to forget the simple conversations that matter.

How often do you ask how his day at work was, or how he slept? How often do you tell him you miss him or that you love him? To feel closer to him, it’s time to start asking the simple but important questions.

Hold His Hand

This is another uncomplicated way of bringing your boyfriend closer to you. Holding his hand in public is a sure sign of freedom; it says to the world that here you both are, perfectly in love with one another.

Handholding may be a simple gesture, but it’s incredibly symbolic. It’s something that binds you together and shows that you trust one another. As a relationship moves past its early stages, it can be so easy to forget the simple joy of holding each others’ hands. Get it back.

Cuddle Up On The Couch

TV time doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of sitting a few inches apart and munching on snacks, why not get closer together by cuddling up as you watch a movie?

Cuddling up on the couch is a great way to feel comfortable in the arms of your man. You feel loved, safe and protected. It turns something as mundane as watching television into a warm, shared experience that reminds you both how much you love one another.

Listen To Him

When you argue with your boyfriend, you might have a desire to always be right. After all, you are right, so why shouldn’t you fight with him to the death to prove it?

Fighting in this way often means that you fail to listen to his side of the argument. This creates an emotional distance between the pair of you that can be quite damaging. Instead, you should always hear him out, so that you understand where he is coming from. This will create an emotional connection that will only get stronger.

Be Playful

If your relationship is currently feeling the negative effects of both yours and your partners’ hectic work life, it can be detrimental to your closeness. All work and no play can ultimately lead to a humourless, bitter relationship that isn’t really going anyway. There certainly won’t be much closeness if you’re both scowling over whose turn it is to make the dinner.

“I made it yesterday!”

“Yes, and it was awful. Try again today!”

To get that closeness, you simply need to have some fun. Laugh with your partner, make fun of him, play along with him. Relax around him, make a few jokes and watch a comedy together. Have a tickle fight before bed! Indulge your inner child and make light of a serious situation.

Switch Off Your Phones

Can you really feel close to your boyfriend if you spend half your time together flicking through your phones? Always checking your phone, whether you’re in the car, in a restaurant or having a picnic, only creates distance between the two of you. All the time you’re on your phone, you’re not focused on your boyfriend. Switch it off and give him your undivided attention.

Try Something New

Stagnation is often the root cause of a lack of closeness. If you and your boyfriend haven’t done anything new together for a good while, you might be getting a little bit bored of this relationship.

Doing something new can bring you closer together again. For example, you could go to a cocktail making class, where you will have to work together in a team to create your own cocktails. This kind of teamwork will help you bond, and will strengthen your relationship.

Find Out What Is Underneath The Surface

Tonight, you should play a new game: you should try to find out what really motivates and moves your partner. Ask him about his past, from his childhood to his college days. Dig deep and find out who he really is, what his parents were like when he was growing up and what dreams he had when he was a teenager.

This kind of conversation will reveal new emotions and stories that you weren’t aware of previously. It will create a deeper understanding of your boyfriend, boosting your empathy and bringing him closer to you. Perhaps he had been distant recently because of an issue from his past; find out what it was and talk it over with him.

Be Positive

Negativity is a relationship killer and will only increase the distance felt between you and your man. To retain the closeness you once had, you need to stay upbeat around him. Be his and your own cheerleader, wake up with a smile on your face, and be optimistic about your life.

Stay happy!

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