How to become a girl that every guy desires? 10 Tips

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be the kind of woman that men really desire? We’re not talking cosmetic surgery or designer clothes here, but the character traits that men really adore in a woman. There are no great revelations or surprises here, but you might find some things that you forget or overlook, so read these ten memory joggers and remind yourself of the things in a girl that every guy desires:

1. Be a smiley happy person

Make an effort to be happy and guys will want to be around you. Too much serious talk and too many grumpy looks and he will soon go elsewhere to look for fun. Guys love a girl that’s fun to be with and who can always cheer them up with a smile.

2. Remember your femininity

Opposites attract and guys love being with a girl whose femininity shines through. Tenderness, grace and kindness are traits that men admire in women and it balances out their masculinity perfectly.

3. Don’t forget your manners

Mind your manners, especially, when you are with a guy, because they really do appreciate you for being a lady. It goes hand in hand with being feminine and a man doesn’t want his girl getting drunk, swearing and belching in public; he can manage all that himself if he wants to, without any help from you!

4. It is the little things that count

It doesn’t take a lot to put a smile on a man’s face and it’s the little touches and gestures that will mean a lot to him. Things like remembering his favorite foods, sending him a text to say ‘I love you’ or buying him a small gift now and then. One little gesture and he will be made up for the day.

5. Be an independent girl

Men still like to be thought as the provider and the protector, but not all the time! A girl who can stand on her own two feet and who has ambition will always be attractive to a man. He wants to know that you can cope without him, so don’t appear to be too needy or clingy, or it will scare him away.

6. Don’t be a drama queen

The girls that make a scene might appear to get the attention, but that attention is short lived. A girl who can keep a calm head is what men admire and they really dislike someone who is forever exaggerating and machining mountains out of molehills.

7. Be a bit mysterious

Don’t give everything away in one go, because men love a mystery. Leave some things to his imagination and let him discover you slowly, it will keep him coming back again and again to find out more about you.

8. Be who you really are

Have the confidence to be who you are and don’t try to be somebody else. Being unique is all a part of the attraction and guys will like you even more, if you are a little different, this is what makes you so special to him!

9. Get along with his friends

A man doesn’t want you to become of the gang with his friends, but he will want you to, at the least, get along with them. Even if you don’t see eye to eye with them, you should, at least, tolerate them and never ask a man to choose between you and his friends.

10. Demand his respect

Good men don’t want a girl who is easy to push around, they want someone who demands respect.  If you expect him to respect you, then he knows that you set your standards high and that means that you are a person who can be trusted.

How to become a girl that every guy desires? Feel free to share your thoughts and relationship advice in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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