10 Ways To Quietly Hint To Your Boyfriend About What You Want For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and although your mom still tells you that Santa has got you something cool this year, you know that the guy who really needs convincing about what you want is your boyfriend.

Let’s face it: guys are not great when it comes to buying presents. All you know is that you’ve got your eye on something and you’re desperate that he doesn’t buy you something really rubbish that will make you unhappy. Unfortunately, he’s already wheeled out the dreaded “I’m pretty sure I know what you want” line, which basically means that he’s going to get you something you’ll hate. Oh dear.

The only way you can salvage Christmas now is by dropping some hints about what you want. How to do this? Let’s take a look!

Flick Through Some Magazines Together

Perhaps reading isn’t his forte. Perhaps reading isn’t your forte either. But no worries, because flicking through a magazine isn’t reading per say, so he definitely won’t get suspicious when you suggest to him that you should spend the afternoon reading your favourite magazine together.

You should use this opportunity to point out gifts in the magazine that you think your friends will like. Get all excited when you come across various gifts and say, “Oooh! Gemma would like that!”

Then, when it comes to the all important gift that you want, you can say something like, “OMG! I like that!”

Or you could be a little bit more subtle than me. I just get too excited.

Tell His Friend To Drop A Hint

If you don’t fancy dropping a hint yourself and think that it would be too obvious, you could always ask his friend to do your dirty work.

Pick someone to be your messenger, have a word with them and tell them what you really want for Christmas, and then ask them to suggest it to your boyfriend. The friend won’t be directly saying: “YOUR GIRLFRIEND WANTS THIS.” Instead, we imagine the conversation would go a little something like:

“I really think your girlfriend would appreciate this piece of jewellery.”


“What? Dude, I reckon she’d love this necklace.”

“No. I’m getting her socks. Already bought ‘em. Five socks for $10. Stripes.”

“Dude? Jewellery or socks? Come on!”

“I know her better than you do. She likes socks. All girls like socks. I’m getting socks.”

“… Dude?”

Okay, that one didn’t go so well. But it might go better IRL!

Tell Him About The Amazing Present A Friend Is Getting

Men are competitive. They don’t like to lose out to other guys. It’s their instinct to battle and win.

So what you need to do is tell your boyfriend that your best friend knows what she’s getting off her man for Christmas – and it’s freakin’ awesome.

This will unleash his competitive instinct and cause him to feel obliged to get you an equally great gift – if not one that is actually better!

Naturally, you probably don’t want to go too far with this one and stress him out to the point where he has to max out on his credit card. But you could explain that your friend is getting the same gift YOU want.

Get Inside Their Subconscious

Getting inside a man’s subconscious is not easy, but it’s something you can try. For example, if your guy is a visual person, you could burn the image of a gift in their memory. Parade a page from a magazine in front of them, make sure the image sticks.

You could try other techniques, such as humming a song that evokes a television advert, or you could use word play.

This method is hit or miss, of course, but it’s worth a shot.

Start Early

Sometimes, you’ve got to start with the hinting really early. Like, way back in June.

Some girls start as early as February.

See, what you’re looking to do is plant a seed in your boyfriend’s mind about what you want. By pining after something earlier in the year, you’re hinting to your boyfriend that you’d really like something. But because Christmas is so far away, it won’t even cross his mind that you’re dropping festive hints.

Indeed, the trick to this one is to drop the hint after your birthday. Once that’s done and dusted, you can start lamenting the fact that you don’t have a certain something in your life.

Once you’ve mentioned it, though, you can never mention it again. Let nature work its magic, and let your boyfriend think he came up with the idea.

Make Sure He’s Listening

There is nothing worse than a great hint that gets ignored. For this reason, you need to be careful of when you drop your hints.

If your boyfriend is busy playing video games, now is not the right time to strike. Pick a moment when he’s alert and giving you his undivided attention.

Time It Right

If you drop your hint too early, he may forget all about it.

The key is to drop your hint a few days before he goes out shopping.

Remind Your Boyfriend That Gifts Are Important

Tell your boyfriend how much Christmas means to you. Explain to him that this is a cherished time of the year for you, and that it’s important he puts a lot of time and effort into choosing you a gift. Make him realise that a cheap, gimmicky gift just won’t cut it for you and will actually make you upset. What you want from him is something special.

Exploit Social Media

The channels through which you can hint to your boyfriend about what you want for Christmas are no longer strictly limited to real life. Nowadays, you can use social media to do pretty much anything, including dropping hints.

If there is something you’ve got your eye on, post it to Facebook once. You could tag it with a comment about how much you like it or wish you had one, or you could just say nothing at all. The mere fact that you’ve posted a gift item to your wall should be enough to suggest to your man that this is something you’d love for Christmas. You don’t actually expect to receive it, but it would be amazing if you did.

You Need To Be Practical

Women tend to be much more sentimental than guys. When we want something, we say that we want it because we like it.

I remember when I bought a bike simply because I loved the way it looked. I never used it, so my boyfriend told me to sell it. He was right, of course; I’d bought an expensive bike just so that I could look at it!

So if you’re trying to hint to your boyfriend about what you want, you need to be mindful of your choice of words. Simply saying “I like it” when you see an advert on television won’t cut much ice with him. Perhaps you could flick through a magazine and explain how such and such an item would markedly improve your life.

Stay happy!

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