A Male Advice On What NOT To Do On A First Date

Got a first date coming up? You’re probably a bit nervous. Don’t worry, most of us are. Especially if you’ve been out of the dating game for quite some time, preparing for a first date can be both super exciting and absolutely terrifying. You’re looking forward to meeting the guy and seeing where this could potentially go, but you’re also horrified by your night time visions of things going wrong.

You know the type of visions I’m talking about: The ones where you say something so weird that his phone suddenly goes off and he gets called away because his cat is dying or something equally outrageous. He doesn’t even say Bye, because he can’t bring himself to look at you anymore. Disaster.

In fact, there are many things that could potentially scupper a first date. But because they say that knowledge is power, we got to thinking that it would be awesome if you could find out exactly what it is that guys DON’T want you to do, so that you avoid the simple mistakes that are costing us all so many men! So we went out and talked to guys and got the answers. Here are a few things they don’t want you to do on a first date:

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

No, no, no.


As soon as you talk about your ex, the guy loses interest. Why? Because it automatically tells him you’re still hung up on him.

Don’t Be Submissive

Nobody likes a pushover. You might think that by agreeing to his every suggestion and whim you’re making yourself look agreeable and easy to get along with, but you’re in fact making yourself look like a pushover. Worse still, it look as though you have no opinions of your own.

And no guys like a girl who doesn’t have any opinions.

If he’s suggested that you go to a sushi restaurant but you REALLY don’t like sushi, speak up! Let him know how you really feel. The last thing he wants to be seen as is a guy who takes you to places you hate just because you didn’t want to say No to him. Trust me, he won’t be upset if you counter his opinion.

Don’t Be Late

Yes, guys love it when you play it cool. They don’t want you to come on too strong and be too needy. But there is cool and there is annoying.

For example, turning up late on purpose does not show that you’re not that bothered about this first date and totally not desperate for things to go so well; instead, it actually shows that you’re either a poor time keeper, or you just don’t care enough.

Both of which will cast you in an unattractive light.

He wants you to be on time. And, no, being on time doesn’t make you look needy.

Don’t Expect Him To Lead The Conversation All The Time

Yes, guys are meant to be funnier than girls. We all know there is a certain pressure on men to make us laugh. But is it fair to let them lead every single topic of conversation?

Eventually, they will run out of steam. And if you’re just sat there waiting for them to entertain you again with Part 2, they’re going to lose heart and get pretty bored.

Don’t Touch Your Phone

You can check for “so is he a serial killer or what” messages from your friends when he pops to the bathroom, but guys really don’t like it when you check your phone during the date. It’s off putting. It puts them out of their stride and makes them think you’re not digging this at all.

You might think it’s okay to put your cell on the table so that you can keep an eye on the time. Don’t do it. The guy doesn’t even want to see your cell, okay? Keep it in your bag, and don’t check until he’s not in the room. Have some self control, girl.

Don’t Manipulate Him

Sometimes, we say things to get a response. We’re all guilty of it.

“Do you think someone could love me?”

Don’t ask questions like this. It reeks of low self-esteem, but it also looks as though you’re trying to manipulate him into saying something.

Forget about wanting to know what he’s thinking and just enjoy yourself.

Don’t Avoid Food

If you two have planned to go to a meal together, it’s kinda important that you ORDER FOOD.

So many girls shy away from eating on a first date, and not because they aren’t hungry. Instead, it’s because they don’t want to look fat or un-feminine.

Guys don’t care about any of that stuff. They want you to eat with them. In fact, a joke among guys is the amount of times they go on first dates with girls who don’t eat. It’s become so predictable that they wait for you to tell the waiter you’re not eating before laughing inside.

“She’s just ordered herself out of a second date.”

Don’t Get Too Drunk 

Sure, he wants you to have a drink. He’s taken you to a bar, after all!

But does he want you both to get really hammered? No, probably not.

This one actually depends on the guy and the way the date is going. Maybe he’s happy for you two to get a bit merry.

Most guys, however, would prefer it if you can walk home without swaying.


Don’t Switch Off

Lastly, you have to listen to him at all times. He knows when you’ve switched off and gone somewhere else in your mind. It’s disconcerting and it will likely lower his interest in you.

Stay happy!

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