9 Tips on how to make a good first impression on your boyfriend’s mother

You got past the first date. You’ve been dating for a while, you’ve even had your first fight and you’re still going strong. Now comes the biggie though; it’s time to meet the mother! Now you’re really going to find out if this romance is going to last, because, if you’re not good enough for her little boy, then you’re going to have a big problem on your hands. If you’re psyching yourself up for this first encounter of the scary kind, then read these 9 tips on making that all-important good first impression with your boyfriend’s mother:

1. Do your homework

Find out all you can about your boyfriends parents before you go. Ask him what his mother is like, take a look at family photographs to get an idea about what they may like and dislike, and find out if his mother has any strong beliefs or pet hates. You don’t want to be telling his mother all about your atheist views only to find out that she is a Baptist minister.

2. Be polite and remember your manners

Being polite and remembering your manners will also help you to make a good impression on your boyfriend’s parents. His mother probably spent years of her life trying to get her son not to chew his food with his mouth open, so she isn’t going to be too pleased to see you doing it. Remember, she’s thinking marriage here and she’s going to want to see a girl who is going to carry on her good work for her and keep her son in check.

3. Bring flowers or a box of chocolate

All women love flowers and almost all people love chocolate, so another tip on how to make a good first impression on your boyfriend’s mother is to bring her a beautiful bouquet or a box of tasty treat – chocolate, when you are meeting her for the first time. Only make sure to inquire from your boyfriend about her preferences first, you don’t want to bring her chocolate only to find out that she is allergic to it.

4. Your shortest skirt and lowest cut top are not appropriate for the occasion 

Our next tip on how to make a good first impression on your boyfriend’s mother is – use appropriate dress code. This is no time for self expression, sophistication and individuality, and wearing your shortest skirt and lowest cut top is not going to make a good impression. It’s not so much about pretending to be something that you are not, it’s more about showing that you are taking the meeting seriously and that you respect your boyfriends family.

5. Pay attention and show your sincere interest

Pay attention to what his mother is saying and get involved in the conversation. She will be flattered if you take an interest in what she has to say and she will warm to you quickly. Definitely keep your phone out of sight, she won’t be impressed if you appear to be too busy to take this meeting seriously.

6. Avoid alcohol. No knocking back the shots!

Alcohol might make you feel too relaxed, but, if you want to make a good first impression on your boyfriend’s mother, avoid it if you can. If others are drinking alcohol, then be very aware of how much they are drinking and avoid drinking faster than they are. Remember that you are dealing with another generation here; knocking back the shots hadn’t been invented when they were young!

7. Find a common ground and try to build a bond

Finding a common interest, even if it’s the smallest of things that you have in common with your boyfriend’s mother, can go a long way towards getting you accepted by the family. It could be a love of shopping, a TV program that you both watch or an author that you have both read. Anything that you share in common will help you to build a bond.

8. Ask your boyfriend’s mother about her son’s childhood

The one thing that you do have in common is your boyfriend, so our next tip on how to make a good first impression on your boyfriend’s mother is – ask her about her son’s childhood. Most mothers love reminiscing about the time, when their boys really were boys. Her telling you all those stories about your boyfriend, when he was a child, will break the ice and give you something light-hearted to talk about. Your boyfriend will probably squirm a little, but let’s not worry about that.

9. If you want your future life to be easier, avoid confrontation at all costs

Above all else, don’t get into an argument with your boyfriend’s parents on the first meeting. Avoid all the dangerous topics like religion and politics and, even if they do say something outrageous, just bite your tongue. You might say that it shouldn’t matter, but the reality is that, if you have your boyfriend mother’s approval, your life in the future is going to be a whole lot easier, than if you don’t.

How to make a good first impression on your boyfriend’s mother? Do you have some other tips? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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