9 Great beauty tips on how to get ready for a date in 15 minutes

Oops! How time flies! You’ve just realised that you have only fifteen minutes to get yourself ready for your all-important date…What do you do? You could assume that your watch is wrong; you could tell yourself that you’re being fashionably late; you could even run around in a mild panic and make yourself even later. Or, you could follow these nine steps on how to get ready for a date in just fifteen minutes:

1. Calm down and prioritise

Step one is to prioritise. OK. So you can get your hair looking wonderful in fifteen minutes, but what about the rest? If push comes to shove, you could put your hair in a ponytail and still look stunning, so work out what you can do, rather than that what you like to do.

2. A splash of water and put on some music

A quick splash of cold water on your face will wake you and your skin up, if you’ve been sleeping, and a burst of your favourite music will help keep you calm and give you a bit of a beat to work to as well.

3. Quick shower

No time to waste, so keep the shower to quick one. Wear a shower cap; we’ll sort out the hair in a minute. If the shower needs time to warm up, don’t waste that time, go and sort out some clothes, while you are waiting.

4. The basic essentials

Shower done, then do a quick towel dry and don’t forget the basics. Clean your teeth (quickly) and put on some deodorant, then you’re ready for the next step.

5. Hair

Now it’s onto the hair. Brush and style your hair in the quickest and the simplest style that you can think of. You probably don’t have time for anything fancy, so tie it back or put in hairclips or bands for a quick solution. If it’s looking a bit greasy, use a dry shampoo or if you have none to hand, a light sprinkling of talcum powder will do the same job.

6. Makeup

We have no time here for experimentation, so grab the five makeup products that you feel you need the most. Remember that you can always take some makeup with you and make an emergency visit to the bathroom later, to make improvements. These are the five key elements of makeup essentials that can be applied in just five minutes. Try it and you’ll find that it really can be done in five minutes or less:

– Foundation to even your skin tone

– Concealer for dark circles

– Eyeshadow and mascara to make your beautiful eyes stand out

– Blush to add that healthy glow and freshness to your face

– Lip gloss to make your pout simply irresistible 

7. Clothes

Choose an outfit that you know you are going to feel happy with and that will look good. You have no time for looking in the mirror and changing your mind, so go with what you know works. You also have no time for ironing, so grab what’s ready to go from your wardrobe.

8. Final check and finishing touches

Now, slow the pace down a bit and take some time to check things over. You’ve got a few minutes left, so use them constructively to put the final touches to makeup, choose some accessories and spray on a little scent (yes, a little, don’t overdo it, your guy doesn’t need to smell you coming from two streets away). You’ve done it, you look beautiful, smell wonderful and you’re ready to go!

9. Last thing, before you go…

The final, and perhaps most important step, make a note to yourself not leave it so late next time!

Do you have some other tips on how to get ready for a date quickly?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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