9 First date rules you need to be aware of

In a recent online survey, the men who completed it said that the biggest turn offs on a first date where women that bring a friend with them on the date, as well as women with body odor and bad breath! Now, we are going to assume that our readers know that having a shower and cleaning your teeth, before a date, are probably good ideas and that turning up with a chaperone in tow is not. But, if you haven’t been on a first date for a while, here’s a reminder of some of the first date rules that you should be aware of:

1. Don’t be late

Being fashionably late isn’t fashionable at all and it makes a really bad first impression! You wouldn’t like it if he turned late, so show him the same courtesy and get there on time. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and allow time in your journey for hold ups and mishaps. You’ll feel better in yourself, if you haven’t been rushing around.

2. Don’t overdo the alcohol

A drink or two will lighten the mood, but slurring your words or falling off your chair in the restaurant is not going to make a good first impression. Know your own limits and don’t try and match him, drink for drink. Men can usually take more alcohol than women and most men don’t like to see any girl the worse for wear through drinking too much alcohol.

3. Wear something comfortable

Wear clothes that look good, but make sure that you are comfortable in them. Brand new stilettos might have looked great in the store, but hobbling to the bathroom in them is not going to look cool. If your clothes are too tight or uncomfortable, then you will feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about it.

4. Put your phone away

Put your phone well out of the way and out of sight. Even if you don’t pick up the phone during the date, if you leave it on the table, that constant buzzing and the flashing red light will distract both of you and have you wondering who that message or missed call was from.

5. Let him talk

Give yourself a chance to breath and him a chance to talk. He wants to learn more about you, but, you need to learn about him too. If you dominate all the conversation, he’s going to think that you are completely self-centred, but he will be flattered if you show an interest in what he has to say.

6. Eat, but choose your food carefully

Leave your calorie counting food journal at home when you go on a first date, guys don’t like picky eaters. In fact, guys like a girl with a good appetite, don’t pig out though, that’s not attractive, and avoid foods that might be messy to eat or even worse, foods that might make you slurp or burp!

7. Don’t fuss over your appearance

Make the effort on your appearance before you go out and avoid the temptation to constantly go to the bathroom to touch up your makeup or brush your hair. Guys like a girl to look nice and who takes pride in her appearance, but a girl who is forever checking herself in a compact mirror is just being vain.

8. Show him the real you

He doesn’t need to know everything about yet and you can certainly leave embarrassing medical conditions out of the conversation for now, but it is important that he learns a little bit about the real you. Don’t put on an act or pretend to like things that you don’t, you’ll only have to pay the price for this deception later.

9. Don’t hassle him after the date

You may well have had a wonderful time and are itching to see the guy again, but don’t hassle the man yet. Pestering him for a second date before you’ve even finished desert is just going to make you appear to be desperate and, anyway, do you really want to hear a negative answer right now, if he doesn’t feel the same way?

Do you have some other first date rules to share?

Stay happy!

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