How to feel better after a break up? 8 Healing activities for getting over a break up

Whether you were the initiator of a split or on the receiving end, you can still get the break up blues. It’s not easy, but the worst thing that you can do is to sit around at home and dwell on the past. Instead, as soon as possible, begin taking positive steps to get yourself out and about again, so you can start to plan your new life. If you are unfortunate enough to be in the throes of the break up blues, here are a few steps you can take to start making yourself feel a bit better:

1. Allow yourself ONE final day of grieving

Our first tip on how to feel better after a break up is – allow yourself one final day of grieving. It’s no good holding in all that emotion for too long, so give yourself one single day to let it all out. Have a good cry, scream if you want to, just get that grief out and then you can start to think more positively.

2. Hang out with the kids

Children are great, and their innocence and straight forward thinking can be a fantastic tonic, when you are feeling down. Spend a day with a niece or a nephew and treat them to a simple pizza, movie or a day at a theme park; you’d have to try really hard not to have fun, when you are around kids.

3. Go wild with the girls

Another tip for getting over a break up is – have a girl’s night out and make a good one! A few drinks and you’ll soon be getting things off your chest to your friends and don’t forget that you have no one to report into now, so you can stay out as long as you like.

4. Get adventurous

Our next advice for getting over a break up is – get the adrenaline pumping and try something new and adventurous: sky diving, rock climbing, or take up a martial art; you can let some of the grief and aggression out and experience something new at the same time.

5. Out with the old and in with new

De-clutter your life and have a thorough clear out, it’s another easy, yet effective tip on how to feel better after a break up. Remove all the photographs, CD’s and other things that will remind you of your ex and spring clean your home, while you’re at it. Don’t forget to clear out your social media as well; you don’t need to follow that guy any more.

6. Spend time with family

Spending time with your loved ones is another great advice for getting over a break up and for starting to feel better. Remind yourself that there are some people who will always be there for you, no matter what, by spending some time with your family. Even better, invite the family round to your place, it will replace the space left by your ex with some love and laughter and make your home feel a less lonely place.

7. Sign up on an online dating site

When you’re sure that you are ready, sign up on an online dating site. There’s no pressure to go on any dates yet, when you are still getting over a break up, especially if you’re not ready, but it will be fun checking out the market and it will give you a real boost to know that people still want you.

8. Get out there and be single

Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean that you have to jump right back into the dating game again, you could just enjoy being single for a while. You’re free and you have no ties, no obligations, so you can do whatever you like. Why not take yourself off on a short break somewhere exotic for a week or two? Go on, treat yourself!

Getting over a break up is never easy, but we hope that these tips can help you to overcome the blues and to start enjoying your life again.

Do you have some other tips to help those who are getting over a break up? Please, share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy and always look on the bright side!

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