20 Summer Date Ideas Under 50 Dollars

Nick Cannon once said that love doesn’t cost a thing, but clearly he’s never had to go on an expensive date with a boy who then expects you to make a contribution (despite going to Disney Land being his idea – I still haven’t forgotten!!).

The thing with dates is that it keeps things fresh. Whether you’re still getting to know someone, or whether you’ve been together with a guy for well over a year by now, heading out on a date takes you away from familiarity. It gives you both the chance to do something new and different together, and it can help to rekindle the romance.

And it beats staying indoors watching Netflix all the time, right?

The problem is that dates can sometimes be really expensive, and if this relationship is operating on a budget it might not always be possible to head outdoors to do something together.

But here’s the thing: Dates don’t always have to be so ridiculously pricey! To get you both in the mood for some summer loving this year, here are our top 20 summer date ideas that will cost you less than $50.

Have A Picnic

If you’re really struggling for cash and want to dine out but don’t wish to fork out lots of money at an expensive restaurant, why not DIY it all by putting together your own picnic and heading out to a park?

Picnic’s are great fun, and they’re even more amazing when you’re both absolutely famished. We recommend working up a sweat beforehand – such as cycling – before finding a quiet spot to settle down and eat your grub.

Food is an amazing way to bring two people together, and it’s even better when the sun is out.

Go Volunteering Together

Volunteering is a great way to get to know someone new in your life without spending a fortune. When you go volunteering together, you spend the entire day with each other doing something absolutely amazing – which can really strengthen those early bonds.

There are plenty of places to volunteer; you could help the homeless, serve food at a local soup kitchen, or even go and help out at a pet shelter. Wherever you go, make sure you’ve got plenty of topics in your head that you want to talk about because you’ll have all day!

Go On A Ghost Hunt

Ghost hunts don’t cost too much money at all – and they’re super fun.

Perhaps the best thing about a ghost hunt is that you might get so scared that he ends up comforting you by putting his arm around you and holding you close to him.

Or vice versa. Hey, some guys don’t like ghosts.

Walk Around Some Galleries

Lots of galleries do charge for some of their exhibitions, but mostly all galleries let you wander around the main buildings for free.

Moreover, if you really do want to see a fab exhibition, you’ll probably be able to get two tickets for under $50 and still have enough change leftover for two coffees and a cake.

Galleries represent the perfect place to chat and get cultured on a budget. If you head to a big enough city, you might find that there are enough galleries to keep you both busy all day long. Try it!

Go To An Arcade

When I was a kid, a quarter seemed like a lot of money. And when my dad handed me a few quarters, I felt as though I was rich! Those quarters went a long way when I played the arcades, and they kept me busy for hours.

And if you’re dating on a budget, you might find that a quarter still seems like a lot of money!

Arcade nights are fun. The two of you will have a ball as you blast zombies, race through volcanoes and relive your childhood on Space Invaders.

To make things more interesting, you could bet a round of drinks on whoever wins the most games.

Movie Night

He’s got some DVDs, you’ve got some DVDs (yours are better, of course), and there’s Netflix too.

Now all you need is some popcorn, some more snacks and some drinks.

Movie nights are cheap and amazing. After each film is finished, you can discuss it – or you can just kiss.

Play Board Games

If you’ve already got some board games in the attic, this date won’t even cost you a penny (except the wine, of course).

The perfect budget date for two loved-up people, board game nights are incredibly fun – and fiercely competitive.

Our top suggestions include Monopoly and Scrabble. The loser has to do a forfeit, of course.


Karaoke nights are cheap – and a whole lot of fun. The only thing that will cost you any money are the drinks.

(The singing itself will only cost you your dignity)

Karaoke is a fantastic date idea this summer. Pick the right bar, choose the right songs and you could be serenading each other all night long.

You might want to top the night off with a hilarious duet of Yellow Submarine or something equally funny. Just for kicks!

If, however, you’re both a bit to shy to sing Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong in front of a bunch of strangers, you could instead watch others karaoke.

Mini Golf

Okay, so mini golf is the archetypal cheap date and if anyone sees a guy and a gal trying to pot a few balls on the mini course they’ll know instantly that you’re on a date. But who cares if you’re having this much fun?!

Mini golf costs very little money and offers plenty of entertainment. When you’re finished, you can use the rest of your budget to get some food and drink.


Providing you can both swim (because the last thing you want is for your date to, um, drown), swimming in the summer time is a great way to spend the day together.

You don’t have to swim at your local swimming baths, but could instead go to a nearby lake, or even the ocean.

Swimming is a good social activity, but it’s also a good physical activity too. After you’re done, you can both go and grab some food. Ace.

Video Game Marathon

If you’re both into video games, what better way to spend your evening together than by playing video games all night?

You could bring out the classics (Super Mario, Sonic and Destruction Derby) the terrifying games that scare you so much he has to hug you (Resident Evil) and a few new ones of his that you’ve never heard of before (he has to let you win, though).

The Beach

It’s the summer time and the sun is out. So why wouldn’t you hit the beach for a date?!

Getting to the beach will cost you more money than anything else, but if you live fairly close by you should be able to get there for less than $50. Then, all you need to buy are you ice creams.

The beach is a great place for a couple to relax while getting to know one another. You could hold hands in the sea, build a sandcastle together and even play frisbee.

Go Stargazing

There is a lot to be said for stargazing, but far too many people consider it when they’re planning date ideas.

But stargazing is the ultimate date night. It’s just you, your boo, a blanket, some food – and the stars. Has there ever been anything more romantic?!

You will need a wide open area, such as a park, and ideally you’d need to get as far away from the city as possible so as to avoid light pollution. But once you lay yourselves down underneath the stars, you’ll feel a huge connection to infinity – and your man.

To make things interesting, play a game whereby you have to find certain constellations (you could even make one up and crease with laughter as he struggles to find it!).

Get Lost In A City Together

Getting lost in a city doesn’t cost you any money per say (though it might cost you your marbles), but travelling to the city might take up most of your budget.

However, once you’re in a city you’ll both have a whale of a time as you take detour after detour, exploring sights you’ve never seen before and laughing as you can’t find your way home.

Though try not to get too lost. Panicking and booking a flight to “get you the heck home” will cost more than $50. Just saying.

Go Bowling

There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy, friendly competition, and if you’re paying less than $50 for a budget date you won’t even made the disgusting shoes you’ll both have to wear.

Yep, bowling is one of the most fun activities you can both do this summer. You can even bowl with the rails down (if he lets you), and you could make a bet that whoever loses the most amount of games has to pay for the drinks afterwards (providing they don’t total over $50 of course!!).

Watch The Sunset Together

Watching the sunset together isn’t really something you can do during the winter. Well, you can but you’d both be so cold that it could turn out to be the worst date you’ve ever been on!

In the summer time, watching the sunset together is the perfect date idea for two young lovers. All you need is a great location, a bottle of wine, some food – and each other.

This is such a relaxing thing to do together, and there’ll be plenty of time to chat before nestling your head on his shoulder. Aww.

Go Hiking

Anyone can go hiking for next to no money at all, providing you’ve already got all your equipment, of course.

Hiking is a fantastic way of getting outdoors this summer. As long as the day isn’t too hot, you and your boo can sweat it out on a hiking trail while having a good chat.

Then, when the hike is over, you can treat yourself to a proper pub lunch (save all your pennies for this bit, because you’re probably going to feel like ordering the most expensive steak in the house after all that walking!).

Cook Together

The summer is here, which means it’s time to cook up some amazing salads. So why not cook up a storm together?

Prepare together and shop together so that your ingredients and bottle of wine comes to less than $50. If you’ve got any money leftover, you could also order a movie to watch after the meal is over.

If the weather is super fly, you could even cook outdoors or have a barbecue together. Whatever you choose to do, cooking together is a fantastically cheap date idea.

And remember, the best way to his heart is through his stomach.

Do A Jigsaw Puzzle Together

Hear us out on this one: Although doing a jigsaw puzzle together might sound a tad boring, it actually gives you both the chance to stimulate your minds. As you try to work out which piece goes where, your cognitive functions are optimised, which will enhance your thinking power. This, in turn, will improve your conversation, responsiveness and engagement.

The end result is an amazing date full of chat and intellectual stimulation. Win.

Train Together

If you’ve both been working out separately lately because life has been getting in the way, why not make it your mission to work out together on date day/night?

Couples who train together, win together – and stay together. If you’ve both got goals you want to achieve, working out as a couple makes you accountable to one another and will bring you closer to your targets.

Afterwards, you can wind down together with some food, or even jump in the shower together.

Stay happy!

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