15 Signs that a guy likes you

What are signs that he likes you? Very often girls don’t notice the signs that a guy likes them, they try to find out, ask themselves many questions and spend many sleepless nights. After reading this article you will be armed with the knowledge and understanding weather he likes you or not, at least I will share with you some of my experience. (You can read PART 2 and PART 3 of signs that a guy likes you by clicking on the links.)

So, how to understand whether he is into you or not?

1) If a guy has ‘friendship’ with you and wants to be close – it’s a big sign that he ‘more than likes’ you, especially, if he is often around, is always ready to help and take care of you. Of course, there are some exceptions to it, but mostly, when you can notice his tendency to be near, then there is hope that his heart carries the flame!

2) Another easy sign that can help you distinguish the birth of love in his heart is simply when you meet him again.
If the guy seen you somewhere only once and then you unexpectedly bump into him again, there is a big possibility that this is not an accident; he was looking for you and may be, even, was standing on that bus stop for two hours, just to see if he could probably ‘bump’ into you again; or if he calls you after that first date that you had together and invites you to have an afternoon tea in his company  – it’s one if the obvious signs that he likes you; a guy will never call or propose to meet again to a girl he didn’t like.

3) He compliments you or gives you unexpected gifts just because… it can be a box of chocolate, flowers or anything…unexpected gifts are definitely signs that a guy likes you.

4) If a guy invites you to watch a movie and it happens to be the romantic one, it can be one of signs that he likes you and wants to get closer… Moreover, if watching a movie was your initiative and you can make him sit through ‘The Notebook’ or ‘Titanic’, then, be sure, he is into you!

5) He shows you a big sign of ‘liking’ you if he touches you. Even if it’s just a touch of your hand, shoulder or back.

6) If his behaviour is inadequate, untypical or unusual. For example, he gets too shy, very silent and doesn’t know what to say or, on the contrary, he starts to joke and laugh for no reason, he might even start making fun of you…all these are signs that a guy likes you.

7) If he looks at you more than at others. When he ‘can’t get his eyes out of you’, just notice, does he look at you whatever you do and when you look up he looks down or away? If yes, then you are special to him.

8) How does he react when you talk about another guy in his presence? Can you notice a hint of sadness or hurt in his face? Or does he immediately start talking about another pretty girl or his favourite actress? In those two cases, there is a big chance that he is into you.

9) If talking about future plans he mentions you – it’s one of signs that a guy likes you. Even if he talks about something simple, like an event in one month and he asks you if you will also attend, then it’s also a hint!

10) If he starts to care about his appearance in your presence, touches his hair, buttons of his shirt, turns his watch, corrects his tie, etc., all these are signs that a guy likes you, subconsciously he wants you to like him back.

11) Another sign that he is into you and he wants to go further with you is when he opens up to you about his family, this way the guy, kind of, exposes himself to you, inviting you to his personal territory.

12) If a guy lets you know about his personal life…and you never asked…he let’s you know that he is single and his heart is free. It’s a good sign, girl, he might be into you!

13) Another sign of a guy’s interest is when he instinctively ‘mirrors’ your gestures, while talking to you. If you can notice that he is unconsciously copying your actions and gestures during a conversation, it can be one of signs that a guy likes you. For example, he repeats your hand position, while in the restaurant or he bows his head into the same direction as you do, while the two of you talk. In this case, he subconsciously tries to be likeable.

14) Another one of signs that a guy likes you is when he becomes protective, supportive and helpful. For example, he covers you with his jacket to protect you from windy weather or rain, he decides to help you, even if it requires cancelling his own plans, then, there is a big chance that he is into you!

15) If he talks about being good at cooking and proposes to demonstrate it to you. Be sure, love story is very near….

Of course, this is not the ultimate guide of signs that a guy likes you, but probably the above tips will help you to have a hint on his feelings toward you.

What other signs that a guy likes you would you like to add to this list? How do you know if the other person is in love (weather it’s a guy or a girl)?

Please, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(You can read PART 2 and PART 3 of signs that a guy likes you, just click on the links.)

Stay happy, love and be loved!


  1. Abbie
    May 15, 2016 at 11:12 pm

    When you look up and he’s looking at you then he smiles.

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    July 11, 2013 at 4:31 am

    Super! Such a great into!

  3. Sylvia
    July 10, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Wow how cool is this post! Now I know what he thinks about me!

    • EZINNE
      September 28, 2015 at 5:15 am

      that is great i wish that cloud have a boy that will luv me

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    April 29, 2013 at 12:15 pm

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