What are signs that a guy likes you? how to know whether he is into you?

We’ve already discussed signs that a guy likes you in the PART 1  of this topic (you can also read some more signs that a guy likes you in PART 3 of this topic by clicking the link). Let’s look at some more hints of his interest in you…

You want to work out whether your “crush” is into you but you don’t know how to do it? What are signs that a guy likes you? I have some interesting and fairly sure ways for you to find out how he feels about you…Let’s talk about it today:

First of all, you need to calm down and start observing the gestures of your “crush”, examine his body language.

When your crush is around you, try to notice these “calls of love”:

1) Look at his eyes – if a guy looks at you a lot and if, while talking to you, he maintains and prolongs an eye contact with you, then, there is a big chance that he is into you.

2) If a guy has tendency to show off when he is around you – he tries to impress you – this can be also one of the good hints of his attraction to you.

3) Notice how his friends behave in your presence. For example, if, when you show up, his friends start turning to him, look at him strangely with smiles on their faces or they start teasing him, it might mean that they know something you don’t – this can be one of the signs that he, probably, likes you.

4) If a guy smiles at you every time he locks his eyes with yours, it can be a smile with or even without any reason – it’s another good indicator that he is into you.

5) Here is a very clear unconscious sign of guy’s interest: notice how he is sitting. Does he point at you some of his body members, such as feet, arms, hands or legs?…If yes – it can be another great sign! If you both are standing and talking, a guy who likes you might place one leg a little further, kind of unconsciously pointing it toward the person of his interest…

6) If a guy, right at the moment he sees you, suddenly stands up taller, pushing his chest out and his stomach in – it can mean that he subconsciously tries to impress you and look more masculine, taller and more attractive, it’s also one of the signs that he likes you.

7) If he “scans” your face with his eyes and you notice him stare at your lips – it’s a sign than he is very attracted to you.

8) Notice how he leaves you when the evening is over. Here is the hint: if he lingers and hesitates to leave, he stays for a little bit longer – it’s a great indicator – this guy just doesn’t want to leave the lady he likes. Or, if you are together with a group of friends and he looks at you searching for that last eye contact with you before leaving, he is definitely into you!

9) To make sure that a guy likes you – ask him to do you a favor. Yes, just ask him to help you with something and watch out for his reaction. One of the clear signs that a guy likes you will be this: he will be ready and happy to help you anytime and any way he can; but if he does it unwillingly, hesitates or refuses – its not a good sign.

10) Do you notice that a guy of your interest leans toward you a lot while talking to you? If yes, it can be an unconscious invitation to join his “personal space”, enter his “territory”, which can be one of the signs that he likes you!

11) There is another easy indicator of his interest – notice his pupils; if you see his pupils dilate – it’s a sign that he is into you. But, beware and don’t make looking into his eyes too obvious, it might seem strange and uncomfortable to him…

12) If a guy starts showing his interest in the things you love…for example, he starts to watch TV series that you enjoy or starts to investigate dancing, just because you mentioned that you are into it…he might do all these things just to find a “common ground” with you for later conversations. So, potentially, it can be another one of the signs that he likes you.

I hope you find these tips and signs that a guy likes you useful.

(You can read PART 1 and PART 3 of this subject by clicking on the links.)  Feel free to share your own tips on signs that a guy likes you in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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