10 Super Useful First Date Tips For Girls

A first date is really exciting, but it’s also really nerve-wracking. You want to impress the guy, and you definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself.

The thing with a first date is that you only really get one chance to impress him. If you mess things up on the first date, there are usually no second chances.

I won’t lie – I’ve been on numerous first dates in the past. Although some have left me feeling deflated because of how bad they’ve been, others have been really wonderful experiences. And it’s my belief that you won’t ace a first date without a bit of advice from an older head who’s been there many times before. So to help you out, let’s take a look at 10 super useful first date tips for girls.

Be Positive!

Imagine getting super excited for a first date, only to have your spirit killed because the other person is super negative? It isn’t cool. If you want this date to go well, you need to bring your positive personality and smile with you.

Avoid negative, serious topics. Keep your chatter light and humorous. Offer an optimistic outlook on life and show that you’re great fun to be around.

Speak Up!

Guys don’t like to date pushovers. They want you to speak your mind and tell them when you disagree on something. And when it comes to discussing where the first date is to take place, it’s really important that you have your say. Otherwise, you could easily end up somewhere that makes you feel uncomfortable, and thus knocks you out of your stride.

If he’s planned an evening at a steakhouse but you’re not overly fond of meat, make sure you tell him. Likewise, if he suggests bars and maybe a club but you’d rather keep things low-key with a coffee, it’s important that you have your say.

Acknowledge When Your Brain Fails You

It’s always awkward when we say something on a first date that we instantly regret. But we make matters worse when we return home without addressing the error. Once home, all we can do is regret what we said.

Why did I say that? He’s never gonna call me back now!”

Instead of returning home with lots of uncertainties, nip the issue in the bud straight away by admitting that your brain failed you momentarily and you take it back. He’ll respect your honesty and humility.

Wear Something Comfortable

This is another one of good first date tips. Enjoying yourself and excelling on a first date is always made easier if you feel comfortable. As well as choosing a neutral setting that you can relax in, it’s also essential that you wear something you feel comfortable in.

As tempting as it might be to wear a tight dress with heels, if an outfit doesn’t make you feel relaxed, the date could easily end up being a disaster.

First dates are often riddled in anxiety. Don’t make matters worse by choosing the wrong outfit.

Do What You Want To Do

If you want to end the date with a hug, you should go for it. What’s the worse that can happen? If you stop yourself from doing – or saying – something you really want to do or say, you’re only going to regret it at a later date (no pun intended!).

Don’t go home with what if’s – do what you want to do and see what happens. It’s exciting, and it may be the difference between getting a second date or not.

Be Present

This is one of the most important first date tips. He doesn’t want to do all the talking, but when he does, he wants to know that you’re giving him your attention and listening to him. If it looks as though your mind is wandering, it’s going to dampen his spirits.

On your first date, it’s crucial that you’re constantly in the present moment. Listen to him and respond with questions. Don’t let your mind wander at any point because he’ll notice – and it’ll disarm him.

Be On Time

Remember the time you stumbled out of bed late for work? Everything went wrong that morning. You smeared your makeup, burnt your tongue on coffee and missed your bus. You arrived at work in a bad mood and wasn’t yourself.

Imagine what being late to a first date can do to you? It’ll make the nerves ten times worse. Moreover, you’ll arrive flustered and stressed. Not a good start.

It’s a good idea to always plan properly before setting off. Make sure you know what time the buses or trains are, or what the traffic is like. Set off early to avoid disaster.

Don’t Drink Too Much

If you guys do end up going to a bar, it’s super important that you don’t drink too much. Without wanting to sound like a preachy parent, I can’t stress enough how easy it is to get too drunk on a first date – and how disastrous this is.

When you’re in a bar, it’s so tempting to drink cocktail after cocktail, usually to stop the nerves. But before you know it, you’ve had too much. Practice mindfulness so that you don’t drink too much, and alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water. If your date asks, just say you’ve got work tomorrow.

Ask Questions

The responsibility to lead a conversation on a first date always falls on the man. But despite him taking the lead, it’s important that you ask questions too.

There are only so many questions he can ask you without feeling redundant and overbearing. To make him feel more at ease and that you’re actually interested in him, ask some questions.

To make sure you don’t get stuck for questions, prepare some at home before heading out.

Put Your Phone Away

Another useful first date tips is to pour your phone away. Literally, nothing ruins a guy’s experience quite as much as a girl who obsessively checks her phone and fires off a text every ten minutes. It’s rude and sends out a bad impression that you’re not digging this. Worse still, it might look like you’re texting another guy you’ve got lined up.

I know that checking our phones is a habit, and many of us don’t even realise we’re doing it. If this sounds like you, it’s a good idea to put your phone in your bag the moment you meet your date – and leave it there.

What are your best first date tips?

Stay happy!

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