10 Unique and romantic birthday gifts for her

Buying a birthday gift for your girlfriend should be a lot more, than a last minute effort on the day before. You need to put a little bit of thought into it, to show that you care, or she will notice that you haven’t; girls are good at things like that! So, if you’re short on of ideas this year, read these 10 romantic gift ideas that will make her go weak at the knees with gratitude and love:

1. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Not a cheap gift, maybe, but one she will treasure forever. Quality jewelry will always be appreciated by a girl, especially if it has a diamond it. Just be careful with diamond rings though, they can be misunderstood and you’ll get a shock and have a lot of awkward explaining to do, if she puts it on her wedding ring finger!

2. Make up and overnight kit for her

If you haven’t moved up the living together stage yet, but you still want to show some commitment, then an overnight kit is a good way to show it. Fill up a basket with all the essentials that a girl needs for an overnight stay, so she can keep it at your place and not need to bring an overnight bag the next time she stays.

3. Spread the cost with a date a month gift

If you’re short on cash but still want to make an impression, put some thought into places that she would like to go to and make up your own gift vouchers for the coming twelve months. Each voucher promises that you will take her on a date somewhere special each month for the next year. It will show both thought and commitment, and give you time to save some money for the dates!

4. Tell your story in a memory scrapbook

Make up a scrapbook and tell the story of your relationship with memories from the past. Ticket stubs, menus and photos, if you hunt around a bit, you’ll be sure to find enough to illustrate your shared journey together.

5. Surprise her when she gets home

Whatever you have planned, you can’t help but please her by getting off work early to get a special evening prepared for her at home. Have everything ready for her: flowers, chocolates, happy birthday decorations and balloons and of course, a glass of chilled champagne and a nice hot bath all ready and waiting for when she walks through the door, she’ll love it!

6. Book a dinner cruise

Dine out with a difference and book dinner on a cruise boat or a yacht. There is something especially romantic about dinning on a boat and you can find packages for river cruises, harbor cruises or off shore cruises in many different locations.

7. Recreate your first date

Most people save this one for Valentine’s Day only to find that everyone else has had the same idea. Beat the crowds and do this for her birthday instead and take her on a romantic trip down memory lane, this will be a wonderful and thoughtful gift for the one you love.

8. Buy her a gown

Guys usually shy away from buying clothes for girls, so be different and buy her a birthday dress. Getting the size is easy, just check in the wardrobe and, if you need a little help, get advice from one of her friends, they’ll know what’s in and what your girlfriend will like.

9. Book a his and hers spa day

There’s nothing to say that a spa day is only for girls and many spas now offer packages for couples. It’s a great way to unwind together and, share some quality time, and she’ll just love being pampered with you at her side.

10. Flowers and a poem

Flowers aren’t exactly original, but there always a safe bet. Make it a bit more special by getting them delivered to her place of work and include a love poem with them too, not just a pre-printed card with a boring message.

Do you have some other unique and romantic birthday gift ideas for her in mind? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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