10 Types of guys you should never date

As we all know, dating can be a bit hit and miss, and you never really know what a guy is like, until you get to know him. You’re not being over picky, though, if you choose your guys carefully, because you want to do all you can to find the right guy for you and you certainly don’t want to end up with someone who will take you for granted or make you unhappy. So, to help you chose your next date wisely, here ten of the worst types of guys that you should definitely steer clear of.

1. The walking encyclopaedia

Beware the man who seems to know about everything, because he probably really knows nothing at all! Yes, we are talking about the much feared ‘Mr Know-it-all’ here. If he hasn’t been there himself, bought the latest version of it, or taken a PHD in it, then he will know a good buddy of his who has. If you really want to expand your own knowledge, you’d be better off with a book, because this type of guy will drive you insane.

2. The Peter Pan wannabe

You’ll be able to spot this guy by his addiction to video games and the fact that he takes his washing round to his mother at the weekend. This kind of guy has no intention of ever growing up and he certainly won’t be looking to make a commitment or to take on any responsibilities. In fact, he’s probably just looking for a replacement for his mother, so walk away, when you see Peter Pan coming, unless you like taking care of kids.

3. The ‘not-over-his-ex guy’

Does he still do odd jobs for his ex, keep talking about his ex or still have his ex’s photo on his phone? These are the classic symptoms of not-over-the-ex syndrome, so be warned, this relationship is not going anywhere. Either you will get sick and tired of hearing about his ex, or he will go back to her. Give this guy a miss and let him get over it on his own.

4. The ‘Sorry, I can’t make it this time’ type

This kind of man is usually great at making appointments, but then you find out he’s not actually quite as good at keeping them. He strangely seems to get a lot of ailments that keep him from going out, or he simply doesn’t turn up at all. This guy is stringing you along and you are hardly his top priority, so don’t waste your time on this kind of man either; kick him into touch straight away.

5. The serial cheater

A man can’t change what he is any more than a leopard can change its spots, so if a guy cheated to be with you or he has cheated on you, then he will probably cheat again. He’s probably the kind of guy who boasts to his friends about how many girls he is dating at the same time. Don’t let yourself become another name on the serial cheats list of conquests.

6. The control freak

If you hear him telling you what you should wear and how you should behave, then you have found a control freak. This guy could be dangerous if he doesn’t get his own way, so give this type of guy a miss too.

7. The ‘Let’s get an early night, again’ kind of guy

Getting physical is an important part of a healthy relationship, but it shouldn’t be all that the relationship revolves around. If the guy is too quick off the mark, or he’d rather spend every evening in bed than go out on a date, then he is only using his charm to get one thing out of you. This type of guy is just using you and you deserve a lot more out of a relationship, more than that!

8. The scruff

If he can’t be bothered to even make an effort with his appearance, then he’s not taking you seriously at all. You may like the casual, laid back type of guy, but there are limits! If he turns up for a date with uncombed air, holes in his jeans and stains on his T-shirt, then think what he must look like when he’s relaxing at home!

9. The ‘Can’t make his mind up’ man

This kind of guy is so up and down with his feelings for you, you’ll never know where you are. One day you’ll be thinking about wedding bells, the next you’ll be wondering where he’s gone. The poor guy is confused about his feelings, so make the decision for him and get it over with fast.

10. The one who is married

Watch out for the ring on his finger or the tell-tale dent where it was this morning. He’s going to tell that it’s over with his wife or that his wife doesn’t understand him. Don’t be drawn in, though, it’s going to be complicated, it’s going to be messy and, somewhere along the line, someone is going to get hurt.

Stay happy! You deserve the best!

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