10 Tips on How to Make Your Crush Notice You

How to get your crush to notice you? That is probably one of the most common questions asked. After all, if you really like a guy, but he seems to barely even notice that you exist, how are you supposed to get him to look at you, without making yourself look foolish or desperate? Well, we decided to take a bit of a more scientific look at this age-old dilemma and here’s what we found. Here are our ten, scientifically proven, ways to get your crush to notice you.

1. Ignore him

It is a scientific fact that, the more often we think about something, the more attached we become to it, so you might think our advice to ignore your crush is a little bit strange. The truth is, though, you need to get him to notice you, but you also need to keep some mystery about yourself. If you can do that then, slowly but surely, you will start to gain his interest.

2. Be positive and upbeat

Studies have shown that positive people are far more attractive than negative ones. So, when everyone around you is complaining about the cold weather, you need to be the one person who points out that at least it’s not raining. Your upbeat, positive attitude to life is sure to get you noticed.

3. Don’t leave it all to chance

While all the best advice websites will tell you how important it is to be yourself, there’s nothing wrong with a bit strategic planning to make sure that your crush notices you. Planning your breaks at work to coincide with his, or going to the same place for lunch; it will all help to get you noticed. Just make sure that you don’t take it too far and turn into a stalker!

4. Wear red clothes

There have been many studies that have proven that men find red an attractive colour. Red makes you seem warmer, more approachable and sexier, so break out the red dresses, red handbags and red lipstick. Even a splash of red on your outfit will gain his attention and make you stand out from everyone else.

5. Appeal to his sense of smell

While using pheromones to entrap a man would be a bit controversial, using a signature scent will help get you noticed. Don’t overdo the perfume, because men don’t like that, but a subtle fragrance that he can identify with you will have his head turning towards you each time you enter the room.

6. Go natural

You should always wear the makeup that you feel confident in and that pleases you, but surveys have suggested that men prefer women who wear less makeup, rather than more. The trick here seems to be to keep it looking natural. It’s the full face of heavy looking makeup that seems to put some men off.

7. Be nice and be kind

It should come as no surprise at all that men are attracted to nice women, so keep your temper when things go wrong and your crush is watching you. Don’t let him catch you running other people down or gossiping. Let him see you helping other people and hear you saying kind things about people. You don’t have to become an overnight saint, just let the better side of your nature shine through, especially when you know that your crush is nearby.

8. Look after your hair

In another survey, it was found that a girl’s hair is one of the first things that men notice. Bad hair day’s aside, which can happen to anyone, make the most of your hair and keep it well groomed. There’s no need to become hair obsessed, just for the sake of a man, but clean, glossy locks will definitely help you get noticed.

9. Smile and laugh

This one goes along with the being positive and being nice points. Basically, people like to be around people who they think will make them feel good, so a smile is going to make you look a lot more attractive. Also, be sure to laugh at your crush’s jokes, because a shared sense of humour is a good sign of compatibility.

10. Flirt

And finally, if you want your crush to notice you, you could always resort to a bit of harmless flirting. The subtle approach is the most effective one here. Let your eyes linger in his for just a second or two longer when you talk to him, or touch his forearm with your hand when you share a joke with him. Don’t be overtly sexual about it, because that could scare him off.  You just need enough to tell him that you really wouldn’t mind at all if the two of you were to get to know each other a bit better.

Stay happy!

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