10 Tips on how to get a guy to notice you

Play it cool! That’s our first piece of advice on how to catch a man’s eye, because, if you don’t, he will think you are a giggly teen with a crush! A subtle and sophisticated approach is what is needed to make a guy notice you, so read these ten tips on how to catch a guy’s eye, without making yourself look foolish or desperate.

1. Make eye contact

Men can’t resist the secretive glance from a girl, so catch his eye occasionally, and simply hold his gaze just for a few seconds. But make sure not to let him catch you doing it too often though, just enough to get his attention, and don’t stare back for too long either, or he’ll just think you are weird!

2. Be confident, when you around him

Another tip on how to get a guy to notice you is to let him know that you are special by showing him your self-confidence. Try to always act and speak confidently (not arrogantly or overly-confidently though), especially, when he’s nearby, because men love confident women, and it will definetely make him sit up and take more notice of you.

3. Dress to thrill

Subtlety is again the word of the day when it comes to dressing in a way that will grab a man’s attention. Try to look your best and wear your best outfits, that emphasize your best features, when you know that you are going to be near him, but remember that a glimpse of flesh will gain far more of the appropriate kind of attention, than a severe case of over-exposure ever will.

4. Always be around when he is

Next tip on how to get a guy to notice you is to just be around when he is. The more often he gets a glimpse of you, the more intrigued, curious and, may be, fascinated he will become about you. You don’t want to be accused of stalking, but ‘accidently’ finding yourself bumping into him more often can’t be helped, how can it?

5. Show off your best side

How to get a guy to notice you? Well, make sure that he sees your best attributes when he’s around. If you are proud of your beautiful long legs, then show them off a little when he’s nearby, or if it’s your smile that you know can grab the attention, then smile! We all know that your personality is more important than your looks, but there’s no harm in making the most of what you have.

6. Look preoccupied

Our next tip on how to get a guy to notice you is to simply look preoccupied. People do have a habit of studying someone who they think is not looking in their direction. Feigning disinterest and looking preoccupied with something else, may actually get him looking your way. You’ll have him dying to know what’s on your mind.

7. Lure him with scent

Another way to get his head to turn in your direction is to wear a beautiful fragrance perfume. Guys do pick up on scent quickly and he’ll come to associate a particular scent with you, so he’ll always know when you are in the room.

8. Show him that you have a sense of humour

Another thing that he will find attractive is your laugh, so let him know that you have one! Show him that you can be fun to be around by laughing and smiling when he is near. Guys just love the sound of a girl’s laughter and they love a girl who has a sense of humour.

9. Show him how friendly and approachable you are

Next tip on how to get a guy to notice you is to let him know that you are the kind of person that he can talk to. Never be indifferent or aloof, and let your kindness and openness show through, when you are talking to other people. He will notice this and be more likely to approach you.

10. Don’t give up

Some guys are just slow on the uptake, but persistence will pay off. Just keep on trying to get his attention in these subtle ways and, if he still doesn’t get the message, take the bull by the horns and go and talk to him! There’s nothing wrong with a girl making the first move these days.

How to get a guy to notice you? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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