10 Tips on how to choose the right outfit for a first date

When you are on the lookout for the perfect outfit for a first date, you have to remember that first impressions really count. It’s a really difficult balance to strike – slightly flirty, yet not overly seductive. Don’t get stressed about what to wear though, just read these ideas and tips on how to choose the right outfit and accessories for a first date.

1. Whenever there is a doubt, wear red

Red is the colour of love and of romance, and numerous studies have proven that men think that women look attractive and seductive in red. Just a touch of red will do, like a red headband or red handbag, but red is definitely the colour to get into your outfit somehow.

2. Choose something comfortable

You don’t want to be fidgeting and feeling self-conscious, so wear something that you know that you will feel relaxed and comfortable in. Now, isn’t the time, for example, to wear brand new killer heals and find out that you can’t walk properly in them, because they pinch your toes.

3. Don’t worry too much about the labels

Men aren’t too concerned where you bought your outfit, so don’t worry that everything has to have a designer label attached to it. So long as it looks good, you will make the right impression.

4. Wear a skirt or a dress

Wearing a skirt or a dress on a first date can make a big difference to how a guy perceives you. Men really like to see the feminine side of a woman and, in a man’s eye, a skirt or a dress does just that.

5. Wear heels

Another thing that men like to see is a pair of heels. Heels will make you look and feel more feminine and will look just right with that dress or skirt. Just be sure to wear a pair that you feel comfortable walking in.

6. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the date though

Having said that a skirt and heels are the things to wear on a first date, that’s not the case if your date is a hike in the hills! You want to amaze and make the right impression, but you still have to be practical on some kinds of dates.

7. Don’t overdo the style

You have no idea what this guy is like yet, so avoid wearing anything too unusual or outrageous. It’s best to play it fairly safe on a first date and stick to relatively natural designs and styles.

8. Don’t wear too much makeup

Makeup is another thing for which you need to strike the right balance. No makeup at all might suggest that you made no effort, but too much, and he will remember you for your bright red lips and little else. Middle of the road again here, relatively neutral makeup that lets the real you shine through is the best for a first date.

9. Don’t bare too much skin

Another mistake that some people make is to think that, if you bare enough flesh, then any man will find you irresistible. It’s actually far better to just show off some skin on only one area of your body, otherwise it might look over the top and too inviting.

10. Look approachable

When choosing a first date outfit, you should remember that you want to look approachable and friendly. Power dressing like you are on your way to a board meeting will scare him off, just as looking too glamorous might make him feel you are out of his league. It brings us back to the middle of the road and playing it safe again, at least, until you get to know him better.

How to choose the right outfit for a first date? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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