10 Tips on how to be a better kisser

Do your kisses drive your man wild with passion or has he still got one eye on the TV? A kiss is not just a kiss, it is a moment of tenderness that you share with your guy, it’s a special moment of intimacy, so don’t let it become just a part of the routine, and check these ten ways to improve your kissing technique:

1. Don’t leave a bad taste in his mouth!

Our first tip on how to be a better kisser is to always remember your oral hygiene, because there is nothing worse, than coming away from a kiss with memories of last night’s garlic chicken on your mind. Strong flavored food, alcohol and smoking all leave their mark, so don’t lean in for a kiss, straight after dinner.

2. Look after your lips

Another good tip on how to be a better kisser is to keep your lips looking attractive, soft and kissable, and look after them. To keep your pout beautiful, exfoliate your lips and keep them moisturized. A good way to do this is to use olive oil and sugar mixture to exfoliate and apply lip balm or shea butter every night, right before you go to bed.

3. Concentrate on what you are doing

Girls pride themselves on their ability to multitask, but this is not the time to be doing six things at once. Concentrate on your kiss, not the shopping list, and you will both get far more from the experience.

4. Don’t be boring, expand your kissing repertoire

Kissing can get a bit predictable in a long term relationship, so try new things sometimes. Expand your kissing repertoire and kiss his face, neck, ears or chest and, if you need inspiration, watch some romantic movies and take notes!

6. Keep your lips relaxed

Our next tip on how to be a better kisser is – don’t pucker or purse your lips; that will just make things more difficult. Relax your lips and open them slightly, as you move in, and that will give your partner the signal that you are ready for a kiss.

7. Take your time

If you rush things, you won’t leave your man wanting for more, you’ll leave him wondering what’s wrong. Start off slow with small kisses and work your way up to the big ones. Take your time, look into his eyes and enjoy the moment.

8. Close your eyes

Closing your eyes is another great tip on how to be a better kisser. Kissing with your eyes open sends all the wrong messages. It says that you are not enjoying the kiss and that your mind is elsewhere, so close those eyes and make it a good one.

9. Use your hands

Whatever you do, don’t leave your hands hanging limply by your sides or that will really be a turn off for him. Use your hands to caress him and to hold him, this is your chance to show how much you love him.

10. Pick your moments

The setting for a kiss can make it or break it, so, for a romantic kiss, choose a romantic setting and moment. The spontaneous kiss is great, but remember that some guys are shy, so a full on smooch in public might just embarrass him.

How to be a better kisser? Do you have some other tips?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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