10 Things You Think Guys Notice But They Really Don’t

Think the guys tonight are going to notice when you do that? Think again.

The old saying that girls are from Venus and guys are from Mars is totally true. And it means that, just when we think we’ve got them all figured out, they go and throw is a curveball – like, not noticing that we’ve put some new lipstick on just for them.

“Can you not see I’m wearing nice new lipstick?”

“Is that lipstick? I thought maybe you’d been drinking blackcurrant juice.”


Look, you want attention from guys. We all do. So you put in the extra effort to get noticed.

Only, the thing is not that you’ve totally failed and should stay indoors forever and ever because you got rejected. The problem is that you’re working on the things you think you guys will notice – but which they really don’t.

Yup, as it turns out, guys are more perceptive than we first thought. Scary. They focus less on the things we assume they’d obsess about and more on the things we never in a million years thought they’d notice (though obviously they’ll notice if we rearrange their video game shelf ever so slightly).

As we’ll find out in this article, this is sometimes a good thing. After all, there are things about yourself that you really hope he doesn’t notice!

Curious? Let’s take a look at the ten things you think guys notice but they really don’t.

Shiny Skin

Yay, you’ve been using new moisturiser and shampoo and your skin is all shiny for the first time in like forever. But if you think a guy is actually going to notice it, you’re in for a big surprise.

Even if you point it out to him, the only thing he’s probably going to say is “you made me pause my video game for that? Are you for real?”

How Amazing You Look In Selfies

Okay, so you’ve just spent the last 30 minutes trying to take the perfect selfie to upload to Facebook and get his attention.

And you just know he’s going to get excited about this one – you look amaze!

Two hours after uploading it and he still hasn’t “liked” it. But it’s cool, he probably hasn’t been online yet.

Another hour pass and you him make a status. WHAT.

A day passes and he still hasn’t “liked” your new profile picture! Is he not human? How come he liked your last one (which you knew was terrible) and not this one? WHAT.


Guys don’t really care how amazing you think you look in your selfies. If you try to hard, it might even put them off. They already know you look great and assume they don’t need to give you further validation by “liking” your selfies.


We obsess over cellulite. Obsess over it. Literally. We know it’s hideous and we’re terrified of wearing any clothing that will expose it lest a guy sees it, faints, wakes up, faints, wakes up again and dumps us.

It’s time to give guys a break. They’re not as superficial as we seem to think they are. In all honesty, they don’t care about your cellulite. They don’t even notice it until you point it out.

Yes, you’ve got a flaw. But so have they. It’s what makes us human!

Your Hair

He didn’t notice when you got it trimmed.

He didn’t notice when you got a fringe.

He didn’t notice when you dyed it a new colour.

He didn’t notice when you went BALD.

Who even is he?

Yellowed Teeth

Your teeth aren’t massively yellowed, but they have yellowed a bit. You know they look bad. You’ve been eating too many lemons and drinking too much coffee.

Don’t be scared to smile in front of him, though. He won’t even notice.

Smile Lines

Similarly, he won’t notice your smile lines either. Anyway, he’s probably got lines of his own to worry about!

That You Sweat

Yes, those were patches of sweat under your arms after your workout at the gym. Congrats! You’re human after all.

While it isn’t too bad if he notices you’re sweating after a workout, it’s pretty much the end of the world if you sweat randomly while just pottering around the house.

But guess what? He most likely doesn’t notice or isn’t one bit bothered! He knows that girls aren’t the perfect princesses they like to pretend they are. And he prefers it this way.

Your Amazing New Make-Up

You wear make-up to impress guys. You know you look good in make-up (or at least, you hope you do. Bob from HR said you did. Thank you, Bob). And so you wear make-up to impress a guy.

But it’s three hours into the date and he hasn’t even mentioned it. And what was that comment he made about the waitress “being pretty” who wasn’t even wearing makeup?! She hadn’t even made any effort!

Guys actually prefer us not to wear make-up. Can you believe that? We go to the effort of painting our faces only for them to not even notice it!

Guys. A total mystery. Why do we even bother?

Your New Tan

Unless you’re literally orange and look like an oompa-lumpa, a guy isn’t going to notice your new tan. What is it to him? He’s busy with other stuff.

Tans – especially fake ones – are usually no big deal to guys. They make YOU feel better about yourself, but unless you go to town with it you’re probably not going to get his attention in this way. He prefers other things about you.

That You Texting Him First

You probably think it’s a big deal to him if you text him first. Isn’t the man supposed to do that?

And so you shy away from texting him first. You wait for him to make the first move because gender roles.

But guess what? He’s just as nervous about this as you! In fact, he’d totally love it if – for once – a girl made the first move by texting first.

Stay happy!

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