10 Things You Should Be Doing On Your Next Date

Think the choices for what you two can do on a date are limited to going for drinks and catching a movie? Think again.

Okay, so going for a few drinks is the failsafe date plan. It’s the classic date that always works, and it’s probably closely followed by a movie, (despite us all protesting that watching a movie is a rubbish date because you don’t get to talk to each other for ninety minutes).

But if you’ve already been for drinks with him on the first, second and third date, you’re probably thinking that it’s time to do something different.

If you’re fed up of clichés and want to have some real fun on your next date, here are 10 things you should be doing on your next date.

Go Hiking

Hills? Check.

Hiking gear? Check.

Cozy pub located at the foot of the hills that serves warm food? Check.

If you two are the outdoorsy types, grab your boots, your coats, your walking sticks and head to some hills for some proper bonding.

Then, when you’re both exhausted and starving, head straight to the pub for some food. Is there a better way to spend a date?

Check Out The Roller Coasters

Want a roller coaster love life? Then hit your local theme park!

Theme parks are non-stop fun – especially if the weather is just right. The two of you can egg each other on to brave loop-de-loops, hold onto each other for sheer life as you plunge down impossibly steep rides – before enjoying an ice cream to calm down from the madness.

Theme parks bring people together. It’s non-stop happiness, non-stop screaming, and, if you get lucky, non-stop romance.

Go Stargazing

When we plan our dates, we often assume that it’s going to be a daytime date.

“Meet at noon?”

“Sounds good to me!”

But how about having an evening date instead? How about a starlit date?

Stargazing is an incredibly romantic thing to do. And if the two of you have reached that stage in your relationship where you could feel comfortable lying down together in a field and holding hands as you gaze up at the sparkling night sky, we have only one thing to say to you – go stargazing!

Pack some food, some drink, a blanket, and maybe even a tent, and find a field that’s free from light pollution.

Play Paintball

If the two of you are physically active (or at least want to be more physically active) paintball is a super fun day out. It’s set outdoors and brings out the competitive spirit in the two of you.

You could make it even more fun by upping the ante – whoever loses has to pay for dinner later.

The only problem we foresee is this one: You’ve got a chance to shoot your date with paint and end their participation in the game. One more blast from your paint gun and it’s game over for them. Trouble is, they’re begging you not to shoot them. They look desperately upset that they’re going to lose. They try to bargain with you. They’ll take you anywhere for a date next time if only you’ll spare them now.

What do you do?!

Go To A Flea Market

If you both love thrift shops and enjoy spotting a bargain, why not go to a flea market together this weekend?

You can usually find a flea market on the outskirts of any city each weekend. Here you’ll score plenty of cheap bargains, from clothes to paintings to ornaments for your home.

You can have some fun haggling, before grabbing a cup of tea and a cake afterwards. Sounds fab!

Have A Games Night

Fancy staying in for your next date? Can’t be bothered venturing out into the hustle and bustle of the city? Working on a limited budget this week? No problem. But if you stay in for a date, you have to make it worth your while.

Board games night are popular once again. And a board games night is a fantastic setting for your next date.

Go round to you mom’s and raid her attic. Dust off the games you used to play as a kid. Buy some new ones too, grab some wine and some takeaway food, and have the best darn games night with your date EVER.

Remember, the loser has to do a forfeit!

Go Karting

Does your date think he’s Lewis Hamilton? Do YOU think you’re Lewis Hamilton?

If you’re both competitive and enjoy the idea of hurting around a race track, go go-karting is a fab way to spend your date. You get to race each other around a twisting track and laugh when one of you careers into the sides or comes last.

Remember, though, it’s not the winning that counts but the taking part.

(we’re lying – it’s always the winning that counts!)

Have A Picnic

If it’s summer and the sun is out, having a picnic together is probably the best date in the world ever.

Just watch out for the birds. They want what you’ve got.

Go To The Zoo

Beyond hitting the bars and catching a movie, heading to the zoo is probably the next most popular date. Watching cute animals be cute melts out heart and can make us feel closer to our date.

And who doesn’t like watching cute animals be cute?

If you’re lucky, you’ll already live near a zoo. So get in the car and watch the penguins, elephants, giraffes and penguins together. Create stories about them, give them names. Eat ice cream, have dinner afterwards. Make a whole awesome day of it!

Go To A New City

Visiting new cities is great. New cities are special because of how unfamiliar they are to us.

And it’s even better when you visit them with your date.

Get on a train and go to a city neither of you have been to before. Get lost together as you explore its heart, taking in the galleries and museums, the cuisine, the locals, and the little nooks and crannies that make the city so unique.

Document your trip too. Take photos and videos. Soak it all up. Create memories for years to come of the time you visited this city.

Stay happy!

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