10 Things a woman feels after a marvellous first date

So, the first date went well, you like the guy and now, it’s time to sit back and analyse it! Did it really go as well as you think, or are you just being a bit over optimistic about this one? If you’ve just had an incredible first date and you want a bit of a reality check, here are ten things that women say they experience after a marvellous first date:

1. You want to know more

One of the first things that you feel is that you need to know more about this guy. If it went really well, then one date is just a taster of things to come and you can’t wait to learn more about him.

2. Wow! There was some chemistry there!

You will know that feeling, when there was definitely some chemistry simmering there, on your first date. It may have just been a glimmer or a hint, but both of you will have noticed that one.

3. You will be thinking about the future

Wedding bells and white dresses might not yet be at the forefront of your mind, but you will be at least anticipating more dates. At this stage, it’s all about possibilities, but you can see that there is at least some possibility of a future.

4. You are happy

You will feel inexplicably happy and you won’t be able to stop yourself. It’s not something that you can pretend about; a marvellous first date will simply put you in fantastic good mood.

5. You want to tell your friends about him

If the guy was a complete no-hoper, then you are not going to want to talk about the date to anyone. If you are excited by the date, then you will be feeling like phoning your friends, straight away, to tell them all about it.

6. You feel good about yourself

A great first date will make you feel good about yourself too. The date was a success, you were a success, and you will feel great and filled with self-confidence. Enjoy the feeling and have fun!

7. You feel like you had a good time

A date isn’t only about finding a partner; it’s also about having a good time. If it’s been a marvellous first date, then you will know that you had fun and that the time didn’t drag at all.

8. You can’t stop thinking about him

Can’t get the guy out your head? Well, that’s definitely a good sign that things went really well. Who knows, could it be love already?!

9. You will be worried

And with all these good feelings, there will still be a sense of worry about what your date thought of you. Did you say the right things, did you talk too much and did your hair look right? After all, you wouldn’t care what he thought, if you didn’t like him.

10. You can’t wait for the next date

And finally, you will have an overriding sense of wanting to move on to the next step. The anticipation, while you wait for the phone to ring, is probably killing you, so why wait? Get on the phone to him, tell him how you feel and get that next date in the diary!

Stay happy!

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  1. Jamaican girl
    October 11, 2016 at 1:30 am

    Last month i went on my first date with a wonderful guy, we’ve known each other for about 6 months.He finally muster up the courage to give me his number, he liked me for some time but was shy to ask me out, feeling that i wasn’t interested.but i did like him already. All the signs above were true in our first date, we are now inseparable. We are both in love with each other.

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