10 Subconscious Signs A Man Likes You

Sometimes, a man lets you know very subtly that he likes you. In fact, the signs are so subtle that they’re a little hard to detect. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 subconscious signs a man likes you.

Just like women, men are complex creatures – they’re from Mars, after all. And like women, they don’t always say how they feel (wouldn’t it be just great if they did?). Instead, they keep their feelings hidden away! However, there is a way of reading their thoughts – and it’s called via the subconscious. The subconscious is a crazy amount of times more powerful than the conscious. While the conscious mind focuses on two or three things at a time, the subconscious has millions of different things to juggle. The subconscious mind is such a powerful thing that it makes us do things we aren’t even aware of! If a guy likes you, he might not show that he likes you consciously – but he might show it unconsciously. In other words, he’s giving off strong signs that he likes you without himself even realising it! Can you pick up on these signals? Here are 10 subconscious signs a man likes you.

He Spreads His Legs While Sitting Down

Okay, it does sound a bit gross that he’d spread his legs while sat next to us. I mean, he doesn’t have to do that! But he won’t do it in an obvious “LOOK AT ME” way. In fact, he won’t even know that he’s doing it! Instead, his subconscious will be at work, trying to give us a few signals that he’s keen on us. But why does he have to spread his legs? Contrary to what you might think, he isn’t doing it to exert his power. Instead, he’s showing us that he’s prepared to make himself vulnerable for us. (You know, exposing his man bits is symbolic. Exactly.)

He Laughs At Your “Jokes”

You know you’re not that funny. So why is he laughing so much? If a guy laughs more than is warranted at what you say, it’s just his subconscious way of showing you that he likes you.

He Smiles With His Front Teeth

It’s rare for a guy to smile with his front teeth. Check the photos – you’ll rarely see a smile. Sure, there are some guys who bare their teeth, but most keep them locked away and get them out only for special occasions – such as when they like us. Yup, a smile or two from him doesn’t indicate that he likes you. But if he starts smiling with his teeth on display? That’s one of HUGE subconscious signs a man likes you. It’s because he’s happy and is no longer able to – consciously or subconsciously – cover it up.

He Shows Off

Guys have an innate desire to impress girls they like. If he’s keen to show off his talents, be they on the sports field or in the math class, it’s one of surefire, subconscious signs a man likes you, he is doing all that he can to show you he’s into you.

He Looks At Your Whole Face

Normally, we think that the big sign that someone likes us is when they make eye contact. The truth is that eye contact isn’t all that. Eye contact really only shows that you’ve managed to grab his attention and that he’s really listening. But it doesn’t really tell you that he likes you. The biggest clue is when he starts looking at your whole face. See, after looking into your eyes for a while, he’ll realise that he’s making you feel uncomfortable. So he’ll look away. However, if he genuinely likes you, he’ll move from your eyes to other areas of your face – your nose, your mouth, your ears. All the while, he’ll probably be picturing you two locking lips or him nibbling on your ear.

He Licks His Lips

What does it mean when someone licks their lips? It means they’re excited about something. You see it all the times in cartoons. A character will lick their lips in anticipation about something. There is science behind this. When we’re excited, we produce more saliva. When it spills out onto our lips, we have to lick ‘em more than usual. If he’s licking his lips? It’s because he likes you!

He Seems Nervous

Nerves getting the better of him? He likes you! Guys only get nervous around people they’re desperate to impress, such as girls they like.

He Leans Towards You When He’s Talking To You

Of course, how much you read into this one depends on the context and the location. If you’re both standing in a noisy bar and he’s struggling to hear you, he’ll lean towards you just to get a better understanding of what you’re saying. However, if you’re both sat in an otherwise quiet place and he leans towards you while he’s talking to you? That’s an unusual move! It one of clear subconscious signs a man likes you and is interested to get closer to you. He’s subconsciously telling you that he wants to know more about you!

He Touches You

He won’t touch you somewhere private, but he might touch your arm, your knee, or your back. You’ll notice it when he does, because it’s unusual for a guy to touch us anywhere unless we’re dating or he’s our BFF. So what does it mean? For a guy to touch you, it has to mean he likes you and is trying to send you a signal. However confident he otherwise might be, it takes a lot for a guy to actually touch you, even if just on the arm. It’s a bold, brave move that he will only make if his subconscious literally can’t take it anymore and has to give you a sign that he likes you!

He Edges Close To You While He’s Talking To You

Didn’t he start the conversation a few inches away from you? Why is he now literally in your face? How did that happen?! Again, don’t hate him too much. He probably didn’t even realise he was shuffling closer and closer towards you. But look, he’d only do that if he likes you and wants to get closer to you.

Do you know other subconscious signs a man likes you?

Stay happy!

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