10 Qualities of a good boyfriend

Boyfriends come and go, but the good ones hang around for a long time. If you’ve been mending your way through more boyfriends than is probably socially acceptable, you might well be training a jealous eye on your friends who have somehow managed to find their “keeper”. And perhaps some are even married by now.

So what are you doing wrong?

Well, for starters a good boyfriend has to have certain qualities, if your relationship is going to last. Ten traits, in fact. So let’s take a look at these ten qualities of a good boyfriend to make sure your next one measures up.

He’s Romantic

If your boy’s idea of romance is to let you team up with him on his video game when he needs “back up”, your relationship probably isn’t going to last beyond the night.

Especially if you shoot him by mistake. Game over, romantic evening ruined.

Instead, what you want is a boy who knows what romance really is. It’s sharing moments together, being close, kissing, hugging, going out for meals together, and just generally enjoying being in one another’s arms. Aww.

He Really Is Your Boyfriend

Sure, he’s your boyfriend! After all, you said so and he said so. You’ve told your parents, your friends, your cats, your dogs and even a stranger in the park who just wanted some change.

You wanted to tell Facebook friends too, but your boy just didn’t want to let you. He had second thoughts about this one.

Uh-oh. Alarm bells should probably be ringing right about now. If your boyfriend is hesitant about shouting out your love from the online rooftops, it says a lot about his confidence in your relationship – or lack of it.

Moreover, it suggests that he’s got something to hide.

He’s Got A Good Work Ethic

Sure, many of us would love to date Justin Bieber, but is he really all that?

After all, Biebs and guys like him are victims of the entitlement trap. They’ve got the model looks, the chiselled abs, the fame, the talent, the fortune, the hair stylists on demand, the chest hair…in short, they’ve got it all and they want for nothing.

What you really want is a scrapper, which is basically a guy who has had to fight for everything he’s got in life. If he’s willing to fight for a right to have a roof over his head, he’ll certainly be ready to fight for you.

He Fights Cleanly – Not Dirty

Okay, we’re not actually talking about fist-fighting here. A boyfriend who knocks seven bells out of other lads on a Friday night is not the ideal boyfriend.

Instead, what we’re actually referring to is how your boy handles your domestic squabbles.

All couples have arguments, but it’s how you both deal with them that is key. If your boyfriend has a big ego and has to fight every argument until he’s proved that he’s right – you’re wrong ‘hahaha in your face!’, then he’s not a keeper.

What you want is a guy who is willing to communicate with you to find a solution or a compromise that resolves all arguments.

He Actually Listens To You

One of important qualities of a good boyfriend is that he is a good listener. There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with a guy who is wrapped up in himself.

You could be pouring your heart out to a guy, while all he’s bothered about is killing as many zombies in a minute as possible on his stupid video game.

While you lament the fact that you’ve just been sacked, he responds with a series of grunts and “GOT YOU YA DIRTY ZOMBIE!!” refrains.

“Sorry. You were saying?”

Hmm, not cool. What you want is a guy who shows genuine interest in you, and who is prepared to stop everything they’re doing to listen to you and what you have to say. Your opinion matters, so find a guy who agrees with that.

He Isn’t Boring

Okay so being boring is not necessarily a truly awful trait, and often a guy can’t help being boring.

But come on, how many more times can he take you to his “favourite” pub restaurant on a Friday night and eat his “favourite” meal before driving you home early and getting tucked up in bed by 10 because he’s tired?

For a relationship to last longer than a week, you need a guy who is prepared to keep you on your toes. You need a man who surprises you, takes your breath away and enjoys adventures. Otherwise you’re going to go out of your mind, as he clips his toe nails and examines and analyses them. On a Saturday night.

He’s Honest

This is one of the most important qualities of a good boyfriend. A solid, successful relationship is built on trust. At the foundation of trust is honesty. If you can’t trust your man, you can’t trust your relationship. Therefore, your guy absolutely has to be as honest as they come.

If he looks shifty and struggles for answers whenever you ask him where he’s been, you’ve got issues. Likewise, if he won’t let you sift through his phone and gets angry whenever you go through his pockets, alarm bells should be ringing.

He’s Intelligent

Nope, we’re not saying that you should raise the bar up into the stratosphere and settle for no less than Einstein’s grandson, but intelligence is a massive turn-on. The more intelligent a man is, the more exciting and interesting your relationship will be.

Moreover, an intelligent man will make smart decisions. Rather than count on his instinct that tells him you’ve got enough fuel to see you through a midnight drive through a snake-infested desert, you need to be able to count on him to make the smart decisions.

And you definitely don’t want to be dating a dim-wit who gets you in debt because he misplaced a comma when signing a check.

He Has Self-Control

No relationship that involves an out of control maniac is going to last.

Not unless you’re an out of control maniac too.

An out of control maniac is the kind of psycho who chases a car for several miles because the driver “drove out in front of me”. He’s the kind of guy who beats up several people in a pub for looking at him.

He’s basically the kind of guy who robs a bank when you say you want to take out a loan.

So it’s time to look for the cool guy who can control himself when things get heated.

He’s Affectionate

What you don’t want is a grunter who says I Love You only when he’s had a few drinks. It’s not exactly reassuring, and it’s a sign that he’s not fully committed to this relationship.

A good boyfriend needs to be affectionate. They should be willing to hug, cuddle, caress and kiss you – even in public. Women want these signs of affection from their men, so it’s important that our lover understands this.

Stay happy!

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