10 Positive First Date Signs That You Should Go To Second Date With That Person

Okay, so you went on a first date with a guy. What happens next? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 positive first date signs that you should go on a second date with that person.

Dating is actually kinda hard, and it’s also time consuming. It’s also really nerve wracking, and getting ourselves prepared for a first date is hard enough, let alone a second date.

According to stats, most people don’t get past the first date. Either one of us didn’t enjoy the date as much as the other, or neither of us particularly enjoyed it.

Men are probably more keen to do a second date than women, who are usually a bit more rational about how well or badly a first date went.

Well, we’re either rational or we overthink things too much.

And so what happens when we overthink things is that a second date doesn’t happen, even if to any outsider it looked as though it was on the cards. After all, you guys chatted loads, had a great laugh, but you decided there was something that didn’t agree with you about him. You can’t put your finger on it, but there was definitely something. As a result, a second date doesn’t happen.

But are you guilty of being a bit too picky? Should you head out on a second date to see where this can go?

Here are 10 positive signs that you should go on a second date.

You Don’t Reply To Any Other Messages

Your inbox has been flooded with messages from new guys since you went on your first date with a guy you’d ben talking to for a while on a dating app. But for one reason or another, you don’t feel like replying to any of them.

Hmm, what could this mean?!

It surely means that you enjoyed your first date with the guy that you’re not prepared to get talking to anyone else just yet. You’re too interested in this one guy, and want to see where this could go.

We think a second date is in store. Lucky guy!

He Barely Looks At His Phone

And lucky you too if you’ve got a guy who barely looks at his phone, let alone touches it.

It means he’s only interested in you, and he’s not flaky.

It Got A Bit Awkward At Times But …

Look, there are awkward moments on most first dates. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Don’t dwell on them. If there were one or two awkward moments but it was otherwise fab, remember that the awkward moments will decrease the more you guys meet up.

You’re Excited To Tell Your Friends About It

We just want to erase disastrous dates from our memories, or get drunk as soon as it’s over.

We definitely don’t want to tell anyone about it, especially if we’d built it up so much in our own minds.

But first dates that went really well? We for sure can’t wait to tell our friends all about!

Sometimes we’re so eager to tell our friends about it that we want to text them during the date.

That would be rude, of course. Your date will probably assume that you’re texting another guy, especially if you start grinning.

When You Think About The Date, All You Can Do Is Smile

Ever thought back to a date and groaned, wishing you could banish it from your mind forever?

How about when you think back to a date and smile at the memories? Maybe you even giggle as you recall something funny that’s happened.

And what’s this? Is this you feeling all warm, fuzzy and cosy inside after remembering how he made you feel when he hugged you goodbye?

OMG you have to go on a second date. Call him. Right. NOW.

He Sent You A Polite Text After The Date

He didn’t send you a “So, you wanna do this again?” text straight afterwards. Neither did he tell you how hot you looked.

Instead, he was polite enough to send you a thank you text.

This is a thoughtful text that shows he had a good time with you, and that he’s interested to see you again. It’s now up to you to pick up the baton and make the next move.

Hint – we think you should see him again!

They Were So Polite With Everyone

Naturally, he was polite with you. But you were also struck by how polite he was with everyone else, from the bar staff to total strangers.

You got the impression that he has impeccable manners, and that he was clearly raised very well by his parents. He always says please and thank you, and lets ladies go first.

He has time for other people, too, answering questions in the street, giving change to homeless people and complimenting others.

He seems really sweet. Why wouldn’t you go on a second date with this guy? He sounds amazing!

He Wants To See You Again

If he’s been clear that he wants to see you again, it’s up to you to decide how you feel. If the date went okay, we totally think you should see him again. If you think it went terribly, there’s no point in doing a second date.

But the fact that he’s determined to see you again shows that he’s not the kind of guy who’s juggling lots of dates at the same time. He really likes you.

He Was Really Open

One of the things we look for most in a potential partner is whether or not they’re worth our trust.

Although some mystery surrounding a guy is definitely sexy, it’s important that he isn’t shady about his past. If he looked as though he had things to hide and wouldn’t broach certain topics for odd reasons, it’s a sign that he’s not worth your trust.

If, however, he was really open and willing to talk about even his family, it’s a sign that he’s probably worth another date.

Go With Your Instinct

If your instinct is telling you to go on a second date, you should probably do it. Your gut is always (okay mostly) right.

Stay happy!

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