10 Of The Worst Ways To Flirt With Anyone

You might think that the old techniques of flirting are dated, and that it’s time you and everyone else tried something new.

The problem here is that a) the old techniques aren’t dated and b) your idea of new could be something ridiculous that has disastrous consequences.

To make sure that you never fall into the trap of making you appear undateable to every person in the room, let’s take a look at the 10 worst ways to flirt with anyone. Hint: Avoid them all!

1. Stalking – And Then Revealing Their Life Story To Them

“So, you like hot dogs?”

“How do you know?”

“Duh! Your profile picture back in 2009, silly.”

So you’ve just found them on Facebook and you decide to indulge in a whole host of Facebook stalking. While this can be fun for you, it can also be creepy if you then decide to reveal to them everything about their lives. The key to flirting is finding things out about other people – not telling them everything they already know. Where’s the fun in that?

2. Coming On Strong

You’ve decided to go for the kill after five minutes. Good luck!

Yeah, because you’re gonna need it. The joy of flirting is all in the suggestion; it’s ruined when you come on too strong. If you get too close to them after only a few minutes, so that they can feel your breath on them, you’re not going to get anywhere. They’re just going to assume you’re desperate and needy. Instead, back off and play it casually. Have fun!

3. Smiling From Afar

Yes, a fantastic flirting technique is to catch someone’s attention from the other side of the room. You make eye contact and you smile. This lets someone know that you’re interested.

But you do need to make a move. If you keep sitting there, smiling and watching, it’s going to turn into something really weird after an hour. You need to make the first move a few moments after your eyes have locked. Flirting from afar all night is not cool, and it becomes really embarrassing after a while. Like, they can’t tell if you’re flirting with them or sizing them up for something else.

4. Flirting With Their Friend

In the 1967 Flirting Guidebook, “Flirt With Their Friend” was high up on the list of do’s. But scientists have now found that it just doesn’t really work. While flirting with their friend is great for anyone who is too shy to flirt with the real target, it doesn’t make your intentions clear. The real person you’re interested in doesn’t have a clue that you’re digging them instead, and you might end up spending months trying to chase a lost cause.

Like many things in life, you’ve gotta get straight to the point.

5. Sticking To Facebook

There’s no doubt about it: some of us have got silver fingers and we can flirt like George Clooney when we’re on Facebook. But when it comes to the real world and actual proper interaction, we freeze up. We don’t have silver tongues, and our chat-up lines become a mess.

The problem is that if you stick to Facebook for too long, you’re really not going to get anywhere. You can only “like” their pictures for a certain period of time before the other person will get bored and move on. They want real-life flirting, you know!

6. Not Texting For Ages

Think the key to a good flirt is to keep them waiting? Think again. If you purposely take too long to text back, they will get bored. They’ll get frustrated and they’ll lose interest. A good flirting session is one where things move quickly, and momentum grows as the desire increases. You’ve got to be fast and witty, not slow and boring. Nobody wants that. If they’ve texted you and you’re in a position to reply, then reply!

7. Too Much Teasing

Teasing is a big part of flirting, and all the best flirters indulge in it. But sometimes you can go too far. If, for example, teasing makes up your entire flirting repertoire, you might want to come up with a new box of tricks.

Too much teasing will eventually make the other person get defensive, and at this point things can become serious and nervy. You don’t want to make them angry, because when they get angry everything is ruined. Tease, make jokes, but not too many. And keep it light!

8. Bullying

Remember the code of the playground that said if you pull the opposite sex’s hair, kick them and slap them, it’s because you have a crush on them? Yeah, that doesn’t work when you’re grown up. You simply can’t smash someone in the face and expect to be labelled “Flirter of the Year.” It doesn’t work unless you’re 8. Okay?

9. Seductive eating

We’ve all seen men and women try to be seductive when they eat their food in the movies. Okay, there is no try about it; they’re so seductive that we sometimes get a bit hot and bothered! But while actors manage to make licking a lollipop look alluring, you can’t. If you try it, you’ll only end up with egg on your face (probably literally if you try to eat an egg seductively).

When it comes to eating your food together, just stick to making eye contact and listening to their conversation. Don’t ever try to use a banana as a prop. It won’t work. Trust us.

10. Why So Serious?

Flirting is meant to be fun, and yes it can sometimes lead to romance. But certainly not always. If you’re the kind of person who thinks flirting means the other person wants a long-term relationship with you, you’ve got issues. The next time your work colleague flirts with you and touches your hand, don’t make the mistake of asking them if they want to meet your parents. Just take it easy, relax and have some fun. If it leads somewhere, it leads somewhere. But you will know when it’s leading somewhere.

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