10 Must-know dating red flags you should watch out for

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and, sadly, that’s all some people have…just to realise that they should have seen the signs of a bad relationship, before it was too late. We all learn from our mistakes, but some are just better avoided in the first place, so here are dating red flags that everyone should watch out for in a relationship:

1. Immaturity and a lack of responsibility

Being able to throw caution to the wind can be quite an appealing character trait, but we all have to grow up and start taking life seriously at some point. This type of person can be hard work, in the long run, and you might end up spending all your time bailing them out of trouble.

2. Not being able to let go of the ex 

If someone can’t let go of their ex, then that could be something that haunts the whole relationship. Watch out for the constant comments about the past, or you could be looking over your shoulder and wondering what your partner is up to, all the time.

3. A shady past and heavy baggage 

Anyone can make mistakes and people should be given a second chance, but for some people, old habits die hard. If you are at all concerned about a person’s past, then treat that as a definite dating red flag. Especially if there was any violence involved.

4. Lies

There needs to be trust in a relationship, so don’t be too quick to dismiss lies as being unimportant. If someone lies to you, then that is a sign that they have little respect for you, and it could be sign that are lying about other things too.

5. A short fuse

Someone who can lose their temper easily is often someone who can lose control as well. Be very careful with a person who has a short fuse, because one day, their uncontrolled anger might be directed at you.

6. No communication

Honesty and openness is another must in a good relationship and you can’t have that without proper communication. If you find yourself realising that you actually know very little about the person that you are dating, then it might be time to ask yourself why you don’t.

7. Abuse and lack of respect is not just a red flag…

Never tolerate any abuse or lack of respect, verbal of physical. This is not a red flag, but a massive, flashing neon sign that reads: ‘Get out of this relationship!’

8. Your friends and family don’t like your date

Listen to the people around you; they most likely only have your best interests at heart. If people that you care about and you trust are telling you that something is not right, then take heed, because they may be seeing something that you have missed.

9. A control freak and possessive paranoiac 

If you feel like you have to report your whereabouts to your partner or they tell you what you should wear and where you can go, then that is well out of order. You may even just go along with this behaviour, to please them, but it could be a sign that this person will never let you have a life of your own.

10. You are unhappy more often than you are happy

If you feel unhappy, or uncomfortable, more often than not, then that is warning sign not to be ignored. Don’t stick around, just because sometimes it is great. Take the hint and move on, because you should be feeling happy, most of the time.

Do you know some other dating red flags to watch out for?

Stay happy!

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