10 Important things you should do on every date

There are no real rules to dating, it’s all up to you and, if there’s any rule at all, it’s this – be yourself and ignore all the rules! There are, however, some guidelines that you would be wise to follow, just pointers in the right direction, if you want to make a good impression. Here are ten things that you should do, probably, on every date:

1. Be kind, respectful and polite

Quite simply, be nice and not just to your date. Screaming at the waiter because your food was cold is not going to give the right impression at all. So stay calm, keep your cool and be the personification of politeness, throughout your date.

2. Joke and laugh

Any date, first, second or third, should not be so serious that you can’t laugh. Have a little playful banter and lighten up a little, if you can’t laugh together, what hope do you have for the future?

3. Leave you exes where they belong – in the past

Avoid talking about your exes and never make comparisons between an old date and your current one, not out loud and not even in your head. The past is the past, so let this man make a new impression on you and start all over again.

4. Look your best and be on time

Back to basics here, but looking your best and turning up on time is important. Making an effort, says a lot about you and not just that you are out to impress. It also shows that you are a considerate and thoughtful person.

5. Stick to the honesty

No matter how many times that you have heard this before, it’s still worth a gentle reminder that telling the truth is essential when on a date. Little white lies, intended to impress a date, have an awfully bad habit of coming back to haunt you later.

6. Be fair with the finances

Some guys like to pay, while other guys like to share and other guys are happy to take it in turns. Whichever type you think your guy is, be sure to find out where you stand on paying and don’t take anything for granted, be appreciative.

7. Talk, but also listen

Sitting there in a coy silence is just as bad, as dominating all the conversation, so opt for the middle road and have a discussion instead. Dating is all about getting to know each other better, so there should be equal amounts of talking and of listening.

8. Be free with compliments

If your date has made an effort to get ready, then, at least, let him know that you have noticed. He’s probably gone to a lot of effort getting ready for the date and choosing a venue that he thinks you will like, so let him know that you appreciate it.

9. Don’t give in too easily

Any red blooded male is going to try his luck, even on a first date, but he knows that’s all part of the game. If you give in too easily, then he won’t refuse the opportunity, but nor will it make you a prime candidate for a long term, serious relationship. Guys love the chase, so make the most of it.

10. Let him down gently

If it doesn’t work out, then don’t be a completely insensitive about it. It’s a horrible feeling to be dumped, so keep it nice and you might even be able to stay friends afterwards, it happens.

Do you have some dating tips to share? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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