10 Important things to remember when you can’t find Mr Right

Everybody’s Mr Right is out there somewhere, so you might be asking yourself why it’s taking so long to find yours. When there are so many men out there, but it seems that all the good ones are married, engaged or just not quite right, it can begin to seem that you will never find that special man who was meant for you. Well, don’t despair, there could be many reasons why you haven’t found your perfect match yet. Could it be that you’re just being impatient?  Or perhaps you, yourself, are putting barriers in the way of you finding Mr Right? If you are still searching, then read these ten things that you need to remember, when you are on the hunt for the true love of your life:

1. Are you looking for the right guy?

Have you really thought about what makes the Mr Right, right for you? Have a long hard think and write down about the attributes that are really important in a man that you would like to spend the rest of your life with, and ask your friends and family what they think the perfect man for you would be. What makes a partner for life is very different from what makes a fun date, so make sure that you know what you want and you are judging guys on the right set of criteria.

2. Forget past mistakes

Our next tip on how to find Mr Right is – forget your past mistakes. Are you judging people based upon bad experiences of the past? Forget the past and past mistakes because you shouldn’t let that cloud your judgement of today. It might be that you had a really bad experience with a guy who worked for a bank, but remember, despite rumours to the contrary, not all bankers are bad people.

3. Are you taking this too seriously?

Another tip on  how to find Mr Right is – remember not to think of finding Mr Right as your sole mission in life or you might scare some good guys off, because they think that you are too needy. You need to give the guy’s room top breath, before you become too clingy and start making wedding arrangements. If you are weighing up every man you meet as potential husbands after just a few dates, then you are going to make them nervous.

4. Are you getting out enough?

Getting yourself out there is another important tip on  how to find Mr Right. You can only increase your chances of meeting Mr Right, by getting out of the house and meeting new people. Perhaps you have exhausted your close circle of friends for candidates, so you need to expand your social network. Join some classes, take up new hobbies, create a profile in online dating sites (there are plenty of totally free online dating sites) and just get yourself out more. It’s a numbers game; the more men you meet, the better the chance of meeting the right one.

5. Broaden your horizons

If you have dated loads of guys and none of them have come up to scratch, then perhaps you should try dating different kinds of men. Be prepared to go out of your comfort zone and date guys that you wouldn’t normally have thought about dating. You might be surprised and find Mr Right in the most unexpected of places.

6. No one is perfect

Another suggestion on  how to find Mr Right is – don’t go looking for perfection or you will be disappointed. No one is perfect, not even you, so give a little on your expectations and look for a guy that ticks most of the boxes on your checklist, not them all, and be prepared to accept some of his flaws too. After all, it is a human being that you are looking for, right?

7. Don’t start thinking that it’s you

Another thing to remember when you try to find Mr Right for a long time and nothing seems to happen is – don’t start thinking that the problem is you. If you start thinking there is something wrong with you, then you are going to lose all your self-confidence and you will start to expect failure in your search for Mr Right. It may not be the next guy and may not be the one after that, but remember that you will eventually find Mr Right and, when you do, it will have been worth the wait.

8. Mr Right might already be in your life

And what if, while you are reading these tips on how to find Mr Right, your Mr Right actually already is in your life? Mr Right doesn’t spend all his life in bars and clubs, so remember to keep your eyes open! The man for you could quite easily be someone that you already know and you simply haven’t thought of them in that way before. The guys at work, guys you say ‘hi’ to every morning, they’re all guys and one of them could be the right guy, so keep your eyes and heart open.

9. Don’t be backward in coming forward

Remember that he doesn’t necessarily have to make the first move, and you can do it too. If you’ve spotted ‘Mr possibly Right’ from afar, don’t just wait for him to talk to you, get over there and start talking to him. Some guys are shy, so don’t sit on the sidelines and let him get away. What have you got to lose?

10. Enjoy yourself while you are single

Remember that there is nothing wrong with being single. Nearly all girls want to find Mr Right, but you can still enjoy yourself, while you are waiting. Have fun and enjoy life, that’s part of what makes you so attractive, and if you stop trying so hard, he might come along sooner, rather than later.

Do your have some other tips on how to find Mr Right?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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