10 Hush-hush rules of texting that you should know about

Texting is a global phenomenon and, at no other time in history, has a form of communication so quickly become so popular. In the relatively short time that texting has been around, conventions and rules have been invented by users that everybody knows about, so don’t fall foul of texting etiquette, and read these ten unwritten rules of texting that everyone needs to know:

1. Texts are for short messages

Remember, a text should be a short piece of information, not a novel of epic proportions! Texting is not a replacement for talking on the phone, so if your text is taking you more than about thirty seconds to write, you probably should have phoned.

2. Sarcasm doesn’t work in a text

Keep messages simple, to the point and don’t try to make sarcastic comments. You can’t possibly express any tone of voice in a text and a sarcastic message can easily be taken in the wrong way.

3. Don’t overuse texts

If you keep on sending pointless texts, then people are going to get bored and stop reading. It’s so cheap and easy to send a text, it’s tempting to text someone about what you are doing, every minute of the day. If you start doing that people won’t bother reading the important text when you do send one.

4. Don’t hide behind text messages

A text can be very hard and impersonal, so don’t use texting for sensitive messages. Never break up with someone by text, that’s just cowardly, and if you have anything of a sensitive nature to discuss, then do it face to face or call the person.

5. Double check before you press send

Another one of useful rules of texting is to remember that preemptive text technology is not perfect and the autocorrect facility can come up with some interesting words that you didn’t mean to write. Always re-read your message, before you send it, to make sure that you are saying what you meant to say.

6. Don’t overuse abbreviations

Remember that not everyone is up to speed on chat-speak, so don’t overuse it. ‘Lol c u 2nite’, may make perfect sense to you, but your dad may not have a clue what you are on about.

7. Don’t text when you are drunk

Next one of good and important rules of texting is to never send a text when you’ve had too much to drink. It will either make no sense at all, or worse, you will say something that you later regret.

8. Don’t text in capital letters

It does save worrying about upper and lower case letters, but texting in capitals makes it LOOK LIKE YOE’RE SHOUTING!

9. Don’t expect instant replies

Another one of useful rules of texting is this: don’t expect a reply to texts immediately, not everyone has nothing else to do, other than watch their phone! And never send text after text, asking someone why they haven’t answered your text yet. That’s just annoying.

10. Never send compromising images

On a more serious note, never send a text or a picture of yourself that you would be ashamed if someone else saw. Phones can get lost, phones get left on the table where other people can pick them up, and you can never be 100% sure where an image that you send with a text might end up.

What are your favorite rules of texting?

Stay happy!

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