10 Great ways to meet more dates

The days when all a girl had to do, to get approached by a man, was to sit in a bar for five minutes on her own, are long gone. These days, a girl has to work a bit harder to attract some attention and, more importantly, attention from the right kind of guy. There’s the internet, of course, and you can easily meet new people online, but that can be a bit of a hit and miss. After all, anyone can put up a doctored photo and make up a phony profile. What people often forget, when they are searching for a date candidate, is to look in the places where single guys will actually be hanging out, so here are ten places where you can meet available man that you may not have considered trying before:

1. Marathons

One event where you are virtually assured to find more men than women is on a half-marathon or full marathon. OK, so not all the men will be singles, but the odds are going to be stacked in your favor. What’s more, you get an hour or two to talk someone, because you’re both going the same way!

2. Coffee bars

You can meet new people in coffee shops. There are a million coffee bars in every city, yet there are never enough tables to get one on your own. Great, it’s a perfect way to meet someone then. Take a book to read, pick your spot and wait for someone to turn up. Sit in a coffee bar for long enough, and you are guaranteed to have someone join you, it’s then up to you, if you chose to talk to them or not.

3. Car shows

Cars may not be your thing, but you can feign interest for a few hours. This is another venue where the men will outweigh the women at least ten-to-one. Just wander around, cast some admiring glances at the cars and it won’t be long before some guy says: ‘Wow, that’s a beauty!’ They will be impressed that you are there at all and even better, they probably have a nice car to pick you up on your first date.

4. Evening classes

What about meeting new people in an evening class? If you pick the right subject, you can be sure to meet some guys at an evening class. Anything to do with computers will probably be your best bet and don’t worry, the class won’t be filled with geeks, because the geeks know all that stuff already.

5. Swimming

Swimming can also surprisingly help you meet new people. Pick your time at the pool, when the kids are at school, and you will find more men than women. The serious swimmers don’t want to be there, when there is a good chance they are going to be dive-bombed from the side of the pool by a flying child, so you should only get the fit guys. Striking up a conversation, mid length, might be a difficult, but there’s always a coffee shop or bar to chat in later.

6. Take up golf

Golf is a sport that is predominantly taken up by men, but isn’t too strenuous, so you don’t have to be super fit to try it. All the guys on the course may not be single, but for the ones that are, you instantly have something in common. Don’t worry if you can’t play, you can take some lessons, and there will always be man on hand to help you out with your swing.

7. Go on a cruise

A bit of an expensive option, this one, but it could be successful. Pick your cruise destination carefully though, a Disney family cruise won’t work, but you will find that quite a lot of singles take cruises. On a cruise, you get to meet people who you will meet again tomorrow, so there’s a great chance to start talking, introduce yourself and to get know someone new.

8. Sports bars

You’re going to need a bit of homework for this one to make sure that you know the difference between a home run and an own goal, but a big game night at a sports bar is bound to be swimming in men. Impress the guys with your understanding of the game, but wait for the commercial break before you make your move, they get kind off annoyed if you don’t.

9. Volunteer

With all that love and positive attitude going on while people volunteer, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow volunteer. Choose a charity that men will be attracted too, like something with an outdoor or sporty element, and you’ll do yourself good at the same time, as you are doing something positive for others.

10. Sci-fi conventions

Don’t laugh! Science Fiction conventions are filled with single guys and there not all nerds. So you might feel a bit of a fool in your Star Trek uniform, but you’re guaranteed to meet some single men!

If you have some other ideas on how to meet new people and potential dates, please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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