10 Funny excuses for not texting back

Have you ever just not felt like replying to a text, or simply forgotten to do it? Well, even if you just got bored of the conversation, and you don’t want to tell your friend that, so here are ten novel excuses for not replying to a text.

1. I was driving and I don’t want to die yet

Actually, this is a perfectly valid excuse, if you really were driving. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t text and drive, so no one can get mad at you for this.

2. OMG, I must have texted the wrong person!

This is a good one and it shows willing, as well as your incompetence at using a phone.

3. What? You never received it?

When you’re really stuck for an excuse, blame the phone company, everyone else does! And anyway, how a text gets from one phone to another is a complete mystery to most of us, so it’s perfectly plausible that one could get lost. Isn’t it?

4. I was so excited to hear from you that I fainted!

At least they know that you care, even if they don’t totally believe you, but you have to come up with something, don’t you?

5. I had to wait for my phone to dry out

It could have been a spilt drink, it could have fallen in the bath, you might even have dropped phone down the toilet. These things happen, so this excuse is highly recommended, so long as you don’t use it too often.

6. I forgot to press send

It’s probably more likely that you forget to reply at all, but, as this is quite a common texting mistake; this should get you off the hook.

7. I thought it would be better to talk face to face

Yep, but you could have texted to tell your friend this. Never mind, it’s still a good one and it does show that you take the person seriously.

8. I left my glasses at home

There’s no arguing with this excuse. If you can’t see, you can’t text. Just be sure that you don’t need your glasses to drive or they will see right through this one.

9. Doctor told me not to text too often

You could use this one over and over and finally get to answer all your texts when you want to. RSI from texting too much is a reality and you can’t disobey the doctor’s orders.

10. My phone died

Boring but effective, if your phone battery runs out and you haven’t got your charger with you, what you can do?

Stay  happy!

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