10 Fun Double Date Ideas

While dating is fun, double-dating offers double the fun – but only if you know what you’re doing.

If you get double-dating wrong, it could turn out to be the most awkward, cringe and downright embarrassing thing you’ll ever do. Instead of two of you struggling to think of something to say, there could be four of you struggling through the silence.

And it might be so awful that you never want to see the other couple ever again.

So let’s take a look at how you can make sure that your next double date is fun, exciting and romantic with our top 10 fun double date ideas.

Tag Team On Game Night

Game night is simply no fun if there is only two of you, which is why it makes for a perfect thing to do for couples. You can literally play any game you like, including board games, card games or hand games – such as charades.

One of the ways you can really spice up game night is to swap partners and pit yourself against your own lover.

Have A Wine Tasting Night

If you’re looking to double date on a budget, why not just get a few bottles of wine out and have a quiet dinner at home?

When it comes to a double dating, drinking, eating delicious food and chatting can certainly prove to be entertaining, fun and inexpensive. Split the costs, pick someone’s home to visit, and you’re all sorted!

Until someone gets the shots out at 2am, of course …

Head Out For A Weekend Getaway

Why spend double date in the comfort of your own hometown, when you can head out on the highway to somewhere new?

A romantic getaway for two is one thing, but a romantic getaway for four? Now that’s just downright awesome. Travelling together as couples can be really fun, especially when you get lost. Awkward silences are at a premium, and you get to build memories together to look back on in the years to come.

Spend The Night A Haunted House

Isn’t it fun watching other people get scared? Or is that just us?

Either way, spending a night together in a haunted house is a great way to bond, and it’s also a great way to get closer to your partners, as you try to protect each other from ghosts and ghouls.

Unless you’re the one that needs protecting!

Overnight stays in haunted houses are easy to arrange, and you’ll soon discover that being spooked can actually be quite fun, when there are a few of you. Until the ghost comes for you, of course!

Hit The Karaoke

Karaoke is fun, but it’s not as much fun on your own. When there are four people involved though, it’s pretty awesome.

So why not let your hair down, and have a giggle as you all try to negotiate a few greatest hits? You could sing your favourite songs all by yourself, or you could team up to form a duet.

You could even form a quartet and pretend you’re ABBA for a few hours.

Have A Picnic

If the weather is great and you can’t really afford to hit the beach or fly to another country, what better way to spend your day with your favourite couple than by having an outdoor picnic?

You can all club together on the food and snacks, and you could even bring along some games or a frisbee. Picnics are not just about the food; they promote conversation and fun, and you could even take along a bottle of wine too. Just for kicks. And don’t forget the music!

Go And Watch Your Favourite Sports Team

If you all happen to support the same sports team, why not team up and go to a game together? You could make this extra special by going to an away game, and travelling up the day before. This means you can enjoy a proper excursion together, including food, drink and sightseeing in the city, before taking in the game the next day.

And if your team wins, it’s win all round.

If you lose, well, there’s more to life than sports, right?

Okay, wrong. I know.

Go Kart Racing

Let’s not beat around the bush here: go kart racing is fun. And it’s even more fun when there is a group of you.

The taking part is what counts, and it’s the taking part that is really fun. After all, there is nothing like a bit of friendly competition, is there? Nothing wrong with barging your friend aside as you overtake them, or laughing as you lap them for the second time.

You could even make a whole day of it and head out for lunch afterwards.

Go For A Long Walk Before Hitting A Pub

Going for a long walk can be really fun, especially when there are a few of you in tow. You all get to enjoy some of nature’s most spectacular views, and it gives you a chance to have a chat and get to know each other.

But perhaps the best thing about a long walk is going to the pub afterwards for a very hearty meal and a nice drink. It’s a reward that serves as motivation, and it helps you all to relax and unwind afterwards. It will also promote conversation as you get a little tipsy.

Just Hit The Pub

If you don’t fancy going for a walk, you could instead just head to the pub. But why not make it a bit special by choosing an interesting bar that none of you have tried yet? Perhaps it could be one that does specialist cocktails, or perhaps you could choose a pub with a live comedy night.

If it’s a warm summer’s day, you could try your hand at a beer garden, and if you’re all really feeling it, you could even head out to a club afterwards and really let your hair down. A four person conga on the dance floor? Why not!

What are your favourite fun double date ideas?

Stay happy!

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