10 Fabulous tips on how to get a boyfriend

We thought that, just for a change, we’d take a slightly different approach from the usual one in attempting to answer the perennial question: ‘How to get a boyfriend?’ So we asked one of our salesman friends what advice they would give to someone seeking a new partner in life and here are their ten tips on how to go about getting a boyfriend, from the slightly cold, but possibly effective, business viewpoint:

Step 1. : Take an inventory

Take a good look at yourself. You’re beautiful, you’re special and there’s only one of you in the whole wide world. There is nothing wrong in being single, so take your time finding the right guy; you don’t want to appear desperate.

Step 2. : Believe in your product

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you. If you have confidence in yourself, then that confidence will show in everything that you say and that you do and remember, men love confident girls.

Step 3. : Define your target market

‘How to get a boyfriend’ shouldn’t be your only question. Decide on what you want from a man. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how will you know when you find it? Write down a list of all the important characteristics that you need, both those that are negotiable and those that are not, but don’t always expect a ten out of ten, you might need to compromise somewhere.

Step 4. : Make a plan

Now you know who you are and what you are looking for, make a plan! Your ideal man is not going to come and knock on your door unexpectedly one night and introduce himself to you, so how are you going to go about finding him?

Step 5. : Network

Broaden your horizons a bit and get out more. Join a club, take up a hobby or learn a new skill. Enjoy yourself and widen your network of friends. The more people you meet, the more chance you have of meeting or being introduced to Mr Right.

Step 6. : Advertise

How to get a boyfriend in today’s hectic world? More and more people are using online dating as a way to meet their new partner, it’s a great way to get in touch with someone new and what’s more, some of the hard work of finding a compatible partner is done for you! Start with free online dating sites if you don’t want to spend cash.

Step 7. : Spruce up your showroom

Personality and compatibility are the most important aspects of a sound relationship, but making sure that you are looking your best won’t hurt. Remember, the guy of your dreams could be at that new club you’ve just joined, so be ready, just in case.

Step 8. : Qualify your prospect

A good salesperson will always qualify their prospects or, in other words, be sure that any guy you meet meets your criteria, is interested in the same things as you and wants the same things out of a relationship that you do. Be a bit callous about this, you don’t want to be wasting your time, do you?

Step 9. : Maintain customer service

Once you’ve started dating, be sure to remember that any relationship takes effort and requires time. Don’t try to conduct a relationship by text or Facebook, go out with the guy and do fun things. That’s the only way that you are really going to get to know one another properly.

Step 10. : Don’t go in for the close too quickly

If you’ve been wondering how to get a boyfriend for quite a long time, don’t try to rush things. Jumping into bed too quickly will give totally wrong impression and may leave him thinking that you’re great fun, but not really a girlfriend material. Also, whilst marriage and children may be your ultimate goal, don’t go blurting that one out too soon or you will scare him off!

So there you have it; a cold, callous and very business like plan to help you find your new man. It may not be the way that they do it in the movies, but then that’s not real life, is it? In today’s world, the beautiful damsel can’t afford the time to sit in her tower waiting for her knight in shining armour to come riding to her rescue, she has to put in a bit of effort too!

Feel free to share your own dating tips on how to get a boyfriend in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


  1. Emma
    December 6, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    This is a great article, I really liked how you made the process of getting a boyfriend similar to starting a business, lol!

    I really agree with step no2, you really need to believe in yourself and know what you are bringing to the table if you want to attract someone great.

    Thanks for sharing x

  2. Anonymous
    February 18, 2014 at 12:29 pm

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