10 Fabulous Outdoor Summer Date Ideas

Summer is the best time of the year to do so many different things. Summer is the best time to go to a theme park, play tennis, go on a beach holiday, swim in the ocean, eat ice cream in a park – and head out on a date. It’s dating season!

Sure, winter has a frosty romance that is unmatched. After all, who doesn’t like getting cosy in front of a log fire with their one and only? But summer time has the warmth and the sunshine that means you and your man can head outdoors and have a fab time without worrying that your toes are going to drop off!

If you’re a little bit stuck for ideas regarding where to head to next, here are our top 10 fabulous summer date ideas.

Have A Water Fight

A few weeks ago, my friend called me up to tell me that she and her boyfriend were washing the car together. I thought “how cute!”

Then she told me how things got out of hand, and she ended up blasting him with the hose. He took it all in good humour, and poured a bucket of water over her. What ensued was a classic water fight.

Water fights should always happen as a consequence of you and your date washing your cars together. They are fun, and a great way to cool yourselves down when it’s really hot. Water fights are also a great way for two adults to bond, as they release plenty of endorphins that make you both happy.

Get Lost In A Different City

I enjoy getting lost in a different city while exploring its various nooks, crannies and nuances. But I find that it’s always better – and way more fun – to get lost in a different city with your date.

Now that the summer is here, you’ve both got a great chance to check out a new city. Pick one together, hop on the train and have a grand day out!

Go Junk Shopping

Instead of spending the day hopping from crowded bar to crowded bar (because, let’s face it, bars are always going to be sweaty on a hot summer’s day), why not spend the afternoon hopping from junk shop to junk shop?

Junk shops are always full of colourful, interesting bits and pieces, and they also give you a great chance to learn more about your date. They also don’t cost much either, so it makes for the ideal summer date if you’re operating on a budget.

Go To A Theme Park

Nothing says summer fun quite like a theme park! Whether you’re eating ice cream in-between rides together, screaming at the top of your voices as you’re thrown upside down by the most insane mechanical ride ever, or looking after your date because he’s turned green, going to a theme park represents a great chance to get to know one another.

Go And Fly A Kite

One of my most enduring memories of the summertime is spending the weekends flying a kite with my dad in the park. Whenever it was sunny on a Saturday and he had a day off work, he’d suggest that we make our own kites and go and fly them.

Flying a kite is not just for kids, but can definitely be enjoyed by you and your date. You will need to buy yourselves a good kit first so that it won’t snap at the first gust of win. Then, you just need to find a large park or field and send it soaring into the sky.

Flying a kite isn’t easy, and for this day to work out you will need to collaborate, coordinate and communicate. Basically, you will have to work together as a team, which is great for a bit of bonding.

Go And Play In The Water

The weather will need to be really good for this one. If it is, stripping down and suiting up for water-based activities, such as body boarding and windsurfing, could be the most fun you two will have all year.

You could even borrow a boat for the day and spend it idling together down a river or lake. This kind of chilled-out date is perfect if you want to spend some time in private getting to know each other, while something more thrilling such as wake boarding is good to get the adrenaline pumping, which in turn should encourage flirting.

A Picnic Under The Stars

A picnic during the day is one thing, but a picnic underneath a blanket of stars? It’ll be enough to give you both goosebumps!

It’s best to check the weather for this date first to make sure you choose a starlit night when the temperature is still relatively warm. Then, pack your food and drink, as well as pillows, blankets and lights, and find a tranquil, remote spot in a field or park to enjoy the night – and the stunning view – together. Sweet!

Go To An Outdoor Concert

Provided there is a band or artist coming to an outdoor venue near you this summer, nothing beat going to an outdoor concert for a date. You’ve basically got the whole day to get to know each other, before enjoying the music together at night.

Watch An Outdoors Movie

Going to the cinema for a summer date isn’t really what you want to do if the weather is nice. While everyone’s cooling down outside, you’re inside a dark room. Not cool! But if you still want to catch a movie with your date, what do you do?

Although drive-in’s aren’t anywhere near as popular as they once were, most major cities around the world erect makeshift outdoor cinemas during the summer time, but you might have to book ahead. Grab yourselves a deckchair, some drinks and snacks, and you’re all sorted!

Go To An Outdoor Sports Game

If you’re both into sports, why not catch a sports game together? You could watch some tennis, catch a ball game, or cheer on your favourite soccer or rugby team.

Then, you could catch some food afterwards.

Stay happy!

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